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06 August 2007

Should Gainey have just left Brisebois alone?

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As we all know by now, the Canadiens officially signed veteran free-agent defenceman Patrice Brisebois to a one year contract, likely worth around 700K.

I guess it's a bargain for a guy that could put up 30 points in a full season...and if he could put up another +17 rating, like he did a few years back with the Habs, then it's a good signing nonetheless.

Otherwise, it won't matter if he sucks or not...he's not getting paid the $4.5 million to play "crapily" (is that a word?) like he did in his last season in Montreal and get literally booed out of the city.

Or maybe Bob is just a sympathetic guy who wants to see this vet retire in a Habs uni.

I, for one, would have preferred Gainey to let Brisebois retire, and take a good hard look at some nice young guys down in Hamilton itching to earn a spot on the Canadiens roster next season.

The obvious option is Ryan O'Byrne, who looks to me like a lock to make the Habs' squad...his size and shot being his most useful assets.

Another option, though unlikely, is Mathieu Biron, a former NHLer with the Washington Capitals and now the Bulldogs' main powerplay quarterback.
When I saw him play, along with the rest of the team at the Bell Centre a few months ago.
I was especially impressed with his offensive game, his booming slap shot on the powerplay won't replace Sheldon Souray's...but it would be a pretty nice consolation prize.

Besides them, there isn't much to hope for...besides Jean-Phillipe Cote, who had a cup of coffee with the Canadiens 2 seasons ago, but has fallen way low due to injury and inconsistency since then.

Gainey finally realized the Habs lacked depth on defence, and had little options in Hamilton, and as a result, the 2007 Habs draft class consisted of mainly defencemen, notably top-ranked Ryan McDonagh (1st round) and the big muscular P.K. Subban (2nd round).

The question is: will the presence of the 36-year old Patrice Brisebois force Bob Gainey to potentially cut a promising young player from next year's team in training camp?


10 fanatics have replied:

RC said...

I think Brisebois will have his swan song performance and then join the Mtl coaching staff mid-way through the season. That should make room for some talent from Hamilton to step in.

Anonymous said...

Why do u keeep talking about brisebois,its over with.anyone who doesnt understand why they brought him in shouldnt be writing in forums!

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

We've only written 3 articles on him, the rumor, the announcement and the analysis.

Hey, there isn't much to talk about these days.

And, uh, this isn't a forum.

HabsFan29 said...

bbr you're too nice on anonymous. i think we've written 5 or 6 Brisebois posts. It's a fuking Habs BLOG

I agree Bob knew he needed to get a veteran D. but the Breezer is NOT the answer. i really, really, really do not understnad Bob and the Breezer (sounds like a sitcom)

HabsFan29 said...

bbr i went back and counted and we actually have EIGHT Brisebois posts. So anonymous can go F himself. it's THE story. long-time Hab gets booed out of town and comes crawling back? what else are we supposed to talk about??

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Lol, yeah, thanks habsfan29.

There isn't much to talk about at ALL these days.

Oh and good link! :D

Anonymous said...

I guess fags just stick together,good for u guys

Pierre Ste-Marie said...

Re: Anonymous (the one that posted at 11:00pm on tuesday 7th Aug.)

Two things, where does talking about Brisebois make us fags, and what are you trying to prove by posting as an anonymous? Create yourself a google account and join in on the discussion instead of attacking everyone here for no apparent reason.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Anything that people don't like these days automatically makes them say to people stupidly they are either gay or "fags".

And you're right, the fact he's posting as anonymous makes it more believable...hey, if we're such fags and we can't get over talking about this, why is it you waste precious seconds of your life reading the article and bothering to write ignorent comments.

People these days.

Anonymous said...

my name is Habster75...first time blogging here
I would like to comment on the Brisebois move....and I think its Gainey genius,
- remember this...

-Gainey is a very emotional person, and with the team being without their strong leader Souray, there was no possible way he would bring up a rookie to take his place, the team would become emotionally ruined in a negative way that would lose a season...
-He picks up a strong player in Hamrlik and brings back a veteren home towner in Briseois...

-thus, makes Souray forgotten, and thats what needed to be done for this team to continue its path....if you think about it, its litteraly a genius move.

-and... theres no doubt in my mind that we are going to see Brisebois playing his best, he'll do everything it takes to get and keep the fans on his side...

-what an asset to have on the team, having players play with emotion is what brings cups to Montreal...

-so, to the people who think its a bad move and are completely negative...just sit back then, there's nothing you can do, except watch and see the complete opposite of what you think unfold...

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