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24 September 2007

Habs trim down roster to 26 players.

Not many surprises with this wave of cuts, as the Habs get closer to the season opener in Carolina.

the following nine players will have to clear waivers before reporting to Hamilton:
Yann Danis
Jonathan Ferland
Corey Locke
Duncan Milroy
Cory Urquhart
Jean-Philippe Côté
Jamie Rivers
Mathieu Biron
Andrew Archer

Expect Montreal to lose Danis, and possibly Côté.

18 players will report directly to Hamilton without having to pass through waivers. Notable players going back down to the farm team are Sergei Kostitsyn, and Matt D'Agostini, who was told to be on the doorstep of the NHL in a press conference held by coach Guy Carbonneau last week.

Back to the Habs training camp. GM Bob Gainey has mentionned that Halak and Price will be competing for the back up spot on the Habs roster. The other will become Hamilton's starter. We can safely determine that a goalie will be cut leaving us 25 players. A NHL team roster is generally composed of 23 players. This leaves 2 players to be cut amongst the 14 forwards and 9 defensemen left. Its safe to say that at least one defensemen will be cut. Gainey can afford to cut a forward having Mark Streit in the lineup who has proven last year that he can play up front on the third or fourth line. Will Garth Murray be sent packing to leave room for some younger talent?

Gear up for the season ladies and gentlemen because it's right around the corner!

4 fanatics have replied:

Pierre Ste-Marie said...

I evidently wrote this two quickly. No one was taken on the waivers!

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Yeah I'm surprised too that Danis wasn't claimed, espcially by Atlanta who just lost Kari Lehtonen to injury.

As for Locke, I really don't think this team will or ever has given him a fair chance to make it.

Anonymous said...

There was a short video bit on CBC the other day about Habs fans and their expectations. I was surprised how many of them said they had no hope of making the playoffs this season. A few went so far as to say that in recent years there has been little to cheer about and as such, the organization is really not attractive for free agents anymore. Was CBC overdoing it?

Pierre Ste-Marie said...

I have not seen the bit on CBC, but I will try and answer you question. I don't think CBC is overdoing it as it is the fans that are speaking out. I'm not suprising anyone by saying that Montrealers are most probably the most demanding fans in the league. Concerning playoffs this year, there are many questions that need to be answered during the season. Behind the pipes, we seem to be quite solid. Defensively, we seem more sound as well! It's mostly up front that many questions need to be answered. Who will get the points on the powerplay? Will Kovalev step up? How about the youngsters?

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