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26 September 2007

What Do You Think?

As you probably have heard or read, in the Flyers vs. Senators game last night, Flyers rookie right wing Steve Downie absolutely crushed Senators veteran left wing Dean McAmmond. Unfortunately, I had to miss the live broadcast because of class, but replays have been clogging highlight reels since. My reason for saying this is that I didn't get to see the context of the hit (which team was in possession of momentum at the time, etc.).

I've gotta be honest, I think it was a pretty dirty, bad hit. I don't necessarily think it was blatant, because I believe Downie was merely trying to give his team a boost in a visiting setting - plus the fact that he apologized immediately afterwards. He's an agitator, and that's his game. I'm not a fan of agitators in general, but I understand their part in the game. Don't get me wrong, I love a good hard hit here and there - it shows energy and drive to win. It's just I'm not a fan of their style in general (hit first, score second). I'm a firm believer that a good "stick-it-to-em" strategy relies on hitting AND scoring.

From what I can tell he hit him with his shoulder, but it also seems evident that he left his feet in order to make the hit. I'm a Flyers fan to the um-teenth degree, but I really have a problem with dirty players representing my team, my city, and my fellow fans. I have a feeling that if he makes the NHL club he'll be penalized by the league, and the next time he plays against Ottawa he might want to watch his back. From what I've heard, Brian McGrattan has quite the vendetta out right now. What do you guys think? I can't be the only one with an opinion on this one.

Here's the video so you can all see what I'm talking about.

8 fanatics have replied:

Pierre Ste-Marie said...

Obviously Downie was trying to impress the organisation in order to make the lineup. If I were league commish, Downie would never play an NHL game again. This is pre-season, and he left the ice to hit a player head height while he was in a vulnerable position! Completely disgusting. I'm hopping that a severe suspension will be attributed to Downie to show from the get go that the league is wanting to cut down on the bull shit! This is a professionnal sport, not war. There seems to be less respect between the athletes as each new season rolls around.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it will happen, but the NHL should hand out a 20 game suspension for this piece of crap Downie. Lack of respect for another player. People don't pay money to see players like Downie, they are a dime a dozen. Look at the Rangers' Hollweg for example. Throw the book at 'em.

JD FLYGUY said...

One thing i actually just heard (about 5 min ago) was Flyers' GM Paul Holmgren say that he felt Downie crossed the line with that hit. I'm glad to hear that Flyers management won't stand for it either. That's the only good has come out of this.

Sherry said...

My official stance is this--I wasn't aware of the full scope of Downie's reputation before the incident happened so that didn't play into how I felt about the hit. It was a textbook definition of a dirty hit. It wasn't the lateness of the hit that bothered me, in fact I might even go as far to say that it wasn't all that late but the fact that he did line him up, lead with his shoulder and left his feet to hit McAmmond shows a blatant disregard for his well-being and is just reckless in general. if the league wants to show they're serious about protecting their players, they need to come down hard on him. I want to be be willing to cut him some slack as he is still fairly young but there's no way he should be allowed to play in the league until he can control himself, given that he seems to be a repeat offender.

That being said, McGrattan's comments were ill-advised. He has every right to be angry but it's eerily similar to how the Bertuzzi incident happened. All I have to say is that he's going to have to be careful next time the two teams meet because his intent is already out there on public record.

Anonymous said...

Downie hardly left his feet. I studied the video frame by frame. One skate comes up as impact is made. The other skate follows as they both end up airborne due to the momentum. People act like Downie launched himself horizontal into Dean's head. I've never seen such an overreaction to a bigtime hockey hit, albeit a borderline one, in my life. A little perspective is called for.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the Neil hit on McDonald in the finals. The only differences are that he is on the Sens and Andy didn't get hurt. Neil launched himself and led with the elbow, yet was cheered like a hero by the Ottawa crowd. How about Sutter on Cherpy, the good ole canadien style of hockey nonsense that was so proudly spewed by most up north. Hypocrites, the whole lot of people. It was a bad hit and he should get a couple games, but the nonsense being spewed up north is a joke.

Colby_hater said...

Neil's hit was even worse, but there's also a little p*ssy in the league know as Colby Armstrong, who did the EXACT same hits on Eaves AND Koivu last year (look it up on youtube), yet didn't seriously injure anyone so never even got a penalty. The NHL discipline comittee is a real joke...

The Ghost said...

1) Downie is a nut.

2) It is funny hearing ottawa complain about a hit.

3) Legal? maybe. Overkill? Definately. There was no other purpose to that hit but to hurt the guy.

4) If Macgratten is ANY sort of enforcer he better find Downie the first shift they are on the ice. a better message would be for the first SENATOR to see him on the ice grabs him and takes him on. Yes, even Alfie.

5) If Paul Holmgren says you crossed the line, it is more likely you erased it and then took a jackhammer to it and the ran across the area where it was.

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