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16 November 2007

Ducks recall Hiller...Bryzgalov on the way out?

It looks as if there might be something brewing in California, as the Ducks recalled goaltender Jonas Hiller from the AHL early this morning, leading to speculation that long-time rumoured-to-be-on-the-way-out goalie Ilja Bryzgalov might be dealt.

Hiller is not your average minor-league goalie, he actually excelled in Europe and was signed by the Ducks after impressing performances in multiple international events.

Bryzgalov is considered a number one goalie, and at one point, he was pushing Giguere for the starting role...but since the latter won the Cup last summer plus signed a huge deal, there was no more competition.

This isn't very surprising, Bryzgalov is a good goalie and he could be a number one as he's showed in the past.

What are your thoughts on this early morning speculation?


6 fanatics have replied:

Mike Thompson said...

Word from my fellow Avs bloggers is that Bryz has been WAIVED by the Ducks??!!??


I imagine that several suitors will line up to lay claim on him.

kronis said...

Bryz has indeed been waived. I have him on my fantasy team. I really hope he's traded to ATL or TB, and please....not the Oilers.

It's a bit of a puzzler why Brian Burke couldn't get anything, even lesser value, for him in a trade.

Mike Thompson said...

Me too...You'd think he could get something in a trade, which would be better than nothing, unless I don't know something about the waiver rules.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Maybe the Ducks don't have the cap room to acquire someone of his equal caliber?

Mike Thompson said...

Bryz is a Coyote. Apparently the Great One is trying to build an entire team out of goalies...

Kronis said...

Auld and Aebischer will be converted to forward and defenseman respectively.

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