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14 November 2007


I have avoided writing this one. Partially out of denial, partially because it is so easy to pile on. But... well, now is the time.

This Sabres team is broken. Not broken in the sense that there are poor players or coaching. I am talking broken in the spiritual sense. I had not, I admit, seen this coming. sure all of the signs were there, especially the ones in neon lights (see Briere and Drury leaving). I thought that Miller, Gaustad, Campbell would pick up the slack. I truly did. What I have seen is an unemotional team going through the motions on most nights. I acknowledge they picked it up big time in the past two games against the Bruins and Leafs, but no one was home to score those clutch goals that They-who-shall-not-be-named used to score.

Who is to blame? Yes it starts with Regier. He was wrong, pure and simple. There is still time to right the ship but the fix is going to be expensive in the way of prospects. There are players to be had, players that can fill the Drury/Briere roles but they are going to cost Buffalo some of their exquisite depth and prized prospects.

Lindy doesn't get off easy here either. For the first time ever Lindy seems at a loss. I think part of it is a sense of betrayal. I know if I had signed a new 3 year deal at less than market value and then had my veteran leaders stripped I would feel betrayed too. I can't help but sense that it has seeped into his thinking and the room as a whole.

Tom Golisano gets a bite of the apple too. He has done tons of good while here in Buffalo, but anyone who listened to the fans and read the news knew that bringing one of those two back was critical to the perception of this team, if nothing else. Now this team must win in order to draw. Losing Briere and Drury destroyed any grace period this town was willing to give. Tom, as a business man, you should have known better than that.

The players. The players have been downright awful. What shakes me is this unwillingness to take ownership of the team. Instead of grasping the leadership role they have played hot-potato with it. It may have something to do with the fact that being the captain of this team is akin to a death sentence. Ruff's rotating captaincy has been criticized. i think it is more of a result of a locker room waiting for the other guy. A true team would DEMAND and push forward a captain. Yet, they sit back and let the opportunity sail by. This leads me to believe that the role needs to be filled from the outside. I don't know who that guy is, but he better be found and brought in soon.

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LQS said...

Its all Larry Quinn's falult. He is the one who treated these players poorly...they all LOVED BUFFALO. Heck, I guess he deserves credit, he put in "we don't negotiate in season, rule." Sure most businesses do everything they can to lock up key employees...but why not got the other direction and openly challenge them to suceed...maybe because it drives up price when you actually have the real deal or possibly because it causes ill will where people feel under appreciated.

Ironcially, it does not matter becasue indeed he did negotiate in season...or at least he said in the media that he talks with Drury and his agent in if that's true, which he admits it is then what benefit did he gain by lyingvto both the fans and the rest of players?

Feeling berayed yet...well don't worry, because they reached a deal and accordingly to Drury's camp forgot (or did not send) a contract for two weeks thereafter...ask old Larry about that and they say they didn't reach a deal...and would never forget to send a contract...but wait Larry, you told us something totally different.

Karma is tough.

Accordingly, I think Lindy was upset after he agreed to sign for less (thinking that he had a shot at winning the whole thing) and Darcy even said, "we will not be as good this year." Finally, Tom does not know about the nuts and bolts of hockey...he's paying for it and if Darcy brought in the guys and Lindy made it work...I submit, once again that Larry had killed Buffalo...again.

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