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04 November 2007

Red-Hot Senators

The Ottawa Senators played by far their best hockey last night vs. Boston and they only came up with a 3-2 win. There were 81 shots total directed at the Boston net during the game. That stat is stunning. It seems like Mike Fisher is the only one who knows how to beat Tim Thomas. Can't wait till tonight to see if there will be a bigger blowout on the scoreboard at the bank. And don't forget, the sens played that game WITHOUT Spezza.

Having locked up the big 3 now gives me time to relax now that I know they should be in Ottawa for the next few years. Bryan Murray did a great job of locking up the big 3- I think he will be in the organization for a while- he hasn't done anything bad yet.

I hate the people who say," well, Murray hasn't won a cup yet ", because he has done everything except that. I would have to rank Murray right behind Hooland in the GM ranks.

Thumbs up to you, Bryan.

4 fanatics have replied:

kronis said...

The only downside on having locked up Heat, Alfred, and Spez, is that it most certainly means the end of Redden's time in a Sens uniform.

I don't get where some of the negativity towards Wade is coming from either. So he had a bad series against the Ducks last year? So did a lot of other players. Redden is playing real well this year. It's a shame they won't be able to find a place for him. And don't kid yourself, they won't be able to. He's not going to accept a pay cut. And why should he?

Mike Thompson said...

Because spending a ton of $$ on three star players and having nothing left to pay for the core of the team is a strategy that has worked great for Tampa Bay so far...

Just sayin'.

Katy said...

The Sens have been quite amazing. I have been highly impressed. Only 1 loss so far, and what team beat them? Oh yeah, the Canes : )

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

I'm not in the least surprised of the turnout, the Sens are a powerhouse teams will have to try to contain.

And I agree with Mike as well.

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