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02 November 2007

Paging Ryan Miller....

The Sabres are struggling. No, they aren't terrible,but they aren't good either. a-number-one on my hitlist, Ryan "the franchise" Miller. I will grant you they are playing a schedule only Gary Bettman could dream up, but I expect more from Sir Ryan and so do many Sabres fans. Particularly irritating is his seeming loss of concentration at key moments and the shoulder shrug reminiscent of the days of Joe Ferguson's head hanging.

The bottom line is this:

Stop the damned puck if you want to be considered among the elite!!!!

5 fanatics have replied:

Katy said...

I cannot believe I am about to do this.....
I don't think Miller has played any differently than he did last year when everyone was amazed by him. The Sabres' D seems to be the ones who are missing on the ice regularly on the ice.
Although I do notice that after bad play after bad play Miller seems to lose his concentration and doesn't look sharp.
Maybe I am totally missing the mark on this one, but those are just my observations during the games I've watched.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Miller is overrated IMO, sorry Ghost and all you Sabres fans, but seriously, his numbers were never "elite".

02-03: 6-8-1, 2.63, .902, 1 SHO
03-04: 0-3-0, 5.06, .795, 0 SHO
05-06: 30-14-3, 2.60, .914, 1 SHO
06-07: 40-16-6, 2.73, .911, 2 SHO
07-08: 4-5-1, 3.18, .891, 1 SHO

You see, Miller's never been sensational, I would never qualify him as elite, even watching him I know he's not.
I'd say he's an upper-tier goalie, but that's it.

This is just my opinion, but whatever goalie that can't manage statistically wise to have a GAA under 2.60 and a SPCT over .915 should NEVER be considered elite...all those wins? the Sabres used to be an awesome team, that's all you need to know.



Mike Thompson said...

While I too don't consider Miller an 'elite' goalie, he's nothing to sniff at. He's good and has been for while.

I always bugs me when someone says "The team is more responsible for the wins than the goalie" but in the next breath mention how "so-and-so" is the second-coming. If we're going to use the team argument to discount Miller's skills, then we better drag Brodeur and others into the discussion too, because as much as Miller has bailed out an offense-first powerhouse at times, you could make the arguement that the Devils' defense affected Brodeur's numbers. Maybe that's why anybody wearing a wild uni has looked decent in net?

My point is that you can't apply the 'team' arguement to just one side of the equation. Like everything in math, there has to be balance.

The Ghost said...

I am not sure where to go on this. There seems to be a consensus that he is "great". But I keep waiting for it.

This is his team, for better or worse, it is time for him to take it or spit the bit.

Katy, I gotta be honest I think you are right. He hasn't seemed to hit that next level. These mental errors are what separates the good from the great.

tylerrrrrrrr said...

miller isnt overrated he has been playing really well the last few games and as far as those stats go, for the last few years the sabres have been a very offensive team so miller got no help from the D miller played great and WON even if it was a high scoring game

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