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21 June 2007

2007 Mock Draft - Now With Colory Goodness, 16-30


LW, Colorado College (NCAA)

It's almost not even fair that the defending Cup Champs get to pick in the middle of the first round. They got this pick in a rather curious trade with the Lightning. Still, not to say that the Ducks don't need prospects in their system, but they can afford to take a chance here with an up tempo player and season his game in college.


C, Vasteras, Sweden

Backlund had a roller coaster year, where at any point some publications had him high and then completely off the radar. That tell me that someone will take a chance on him, and Glen Sather is always a willing player. The Rangers are also not afraid to draft overseas.


C, Red Deer, WHL

It's not a reach, and the parallels are too obvious. There isn't much more to say.

C, Minnesota (NCAA)

The Wild are being totally lame and dumping their green color scheme for yet *another* red one. So I need to get my quota in of my favorite color because the way Dallas runs their team, they don't have 1st round picks too often (including next season).

O'Brien I think is a real sleeper, and he plays on one of the deepest teams in the history of college hockey. He'll get more ice time next year, and is a pick where you're really taking a chance looking for improvement and hopefully his game isn't completely exposed.


RW, Chilliwack, WHL

The Penguins can pick whoever they want and if it doesn't work out, no one will really blame them, looking at their recent history. They're not used to drafting this late, and unselfishly, it's nice to see that they're this low because this means they're good again, and more importantly, they're still Pittsburgh.

Moller is a rare Swede who made the jump to play in the CHL, which I feel says something about his desire to play in the NHL. He's taken extra steps and what he thinks is necessary to get to the highest level, and they're guys I'm always looking for.


D, Calgary, WHL

This time a defenseman is looking to shed the label of being someone's teammate. Here's a player a lot of people feel is overrated. I don't know much about Don Maloney and what he likes to do in drafts, but it wouldn't be the Coyotes unless they took someone where patience is the hallmark of the pick.


LW, Leninogrosk, Russia

The Habs are always willing to draft out of Russia. They're deep in prospect that they can take a chance on Russian picks, who are always have more questions than answers anymore.


C, Prince George, WHL

Nothing needs to be said about the background of the draft pick before it is made. The Preds like to look to western Canada in recent years. The Predators look to re-solidify their prospect depth, and they can start down the middle where they could really use some help. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Predators trade down here.

st. louisBLUEStommyCROSS

D, Massachusetts (HS) --> Boston College (NCAA)

The Blues could have a real sleeper pick here. The Blues, already in the process of solidifying down the middle, still also need help on defense. They could also trade the pick to make a big move.


LW, Oshawa, OHL

MacLean has gotten a lot of exposure playing with Super-prospect John Tavares in Oshawa. MacLean has had plenty of practice production offense and should continue before being ready to contribute to the Canucks.


LW, Sioux City, USHL --> Michigan

I think this pick could also be traded, and I think the player may make people wish they had more of a look at him. He will get plenty of ice time with a new crop of young players as Michigan still has some other good players left over from the JMFJ era. I look for him to blossom like Mike Cammalleri once did for the Wolverines.


C, Frolunda Sweden

The Red Wings love Sweden, they get plenty of looks and are rarely wrong. Andersson seems like a good fit here. I just wish they had a 2nd real color.


D, Seattle, WHL

Here's a case of where player fills a need. Hickey seems like a safe pick, so let's hope for the Caps sake that he is. He will be an important prospect.


C, Saskatoon, WHL

This may have raised some eyes. Just because you may drop doesn't not make you a good prospect. People like me will be looking for more from Gilles next year and he looks to bounce back and possibly give the Senators a much needed steal.


D, Lincoln, USHL -->Boston U

Cohen might be a bit of a wild card. He left the USNTDP in the middle of the season because he felt that it held back his game. He's also reppin' Philly, so I gotta get his name out there.

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