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12 June 2007

Wings should part ways with Dominik Hasek...

I have nothing against Dominik Hasek.

He is a terrific goalie...but, I think this crusade of his has gone too far.

How much longer will his body take this? He's 42 years old and still playing 50+ games a year!

But the Red Wings seriously have to think long and hard about this, Hasek was great yet again last season, no doubt, but, look at it this way:

JS Giguere or Dominik Hasek?

Besides Hasek, the Wings don't have a great goalie system, in terms of depth, in their organisation.

They've got the young Jimmy Howard down in Grand Rapids, but I just don't feel he's quite ready for the Show yet, they've also got the likes of Chris Osgood backing up the 42-year old Hasek.

And how old is Osgood, you ask?

Chris Osgood is 34 years old.

When, I ask, when will the Wings finally break out of this "love", out of this "amore" they have for golden oldies?

We saw that with Brendan Shanahan, whom they grudgingly let walk to the Rangers via free-agency last season, with Brett Hull, who went on to play for the Coyotes and realized that it was over for him!

They should, instead of giving Hasek a contract worth around $2-3 million, invest in a goalie like Jean-Sebastien Giguere, who's an impending free-agent and will likely bid adieu to Brian Burke come July 1st.

''Me and my family have to make the decision,'' the six-time Vezina Trophy winner and two-time NHL MVP said shortly after Detroit's season ended.

Oh, and they forgot 1-time Stanley Cup Champion, back in 2001-2002, when the Wings took the Hurricanes out in 5.

Hasek also needs to consider retirement, he earned $1,75 million last season (incentives included) and don't you really think he has enough money, don't you think he can go home to the Czech Republic, with his family, his money and his pride still intact?
He finished the season with a spotty 38-11-6 record, a 2.05 goals-against average, and a .913 save percentage.

Exactly, what clause in his contract or in his mentality guarantees that he will be that good ever again?

And don't you think, Dom, that 15 years in the NHL, a Stanley Cup, a plethora of awards, a 362 career wins, 63 playoff win and a goals-against average hovering under 2.20, and a terrific potential final great season good enough to leave behind?

Or will he return, put up paltry numbers, and leave without his pride and get a tribute like this one?

The Wings need to get younger, otherwise, they'll just emphasize the fact that they're the image of the old old NHL, and Dominik Hasek needs to think about his life more than anything else.
He can still play, and the Red Wings are seriously willing to pay, but do they really have to?

JS Giguere is expected to hit the open market, then tell me Ken Holland, would you have regretted signing Hasek sometime next week, rather than having waited and saved money to hunt down Giguere?

It all comes down to Hasek, he's supposed to make a decision by the end of the week, and I'm hoping he makes the right one.

Here's to hoping doesn't get ugly or get me burned too bad :)


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Bethany said...

I want him to retire...just so I don't have to see him and hear his rude comments towards my beloved Jackets.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...


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