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12 June 2007

Another logo bites the dust?

The Vancouver Canucks logo may be going into a whole new dimension, come next season.

If you remember last offseason's Buffalo Sabres' new logo and uniform controversy, then you'll love what I have to post here.

Last year, Sabres fans were outraged at the new Sabres logo that had been leaked out to them, and as a result, it became a hot topic around the hockey world.
Well this time, it's the Vancouver Canucks that may be getting a total makeover.

The "new concept" of this Canucks jersey, would look like this:

Personally, I think it's awesome, and I would totally buy a jersey like this.
The logo is very cool and the colors are well-chosen.
I hope for the Canucks, that this turns out to be their new uniform, but I wouldn't mind seeing them in their "stick in a rink" whale jerseys next season once again.

10 fanatics have replied:

Ben said...

What the hell is that? I know it's sorta trendy to bash new jerseys... but that's just a guy with goggles.

Why not go back to the C-stick? I love that jersey!

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

I wondered that too, isn't he a pilot?

Jibblescribbits said...

What's wrong with the current logo? I like the nod to The Naitive Americans in the current design.

Bethany said...

I like the current logo too...weird...

Stinger said...

I liked the old logo too. However, the Flames and our beloved Habs have a 'c' as well (Maybe the Flames should go back to the old flaming horse logo)

I just don't know about the Vancouver biggles look though...

Jaredoflondon said...

Nothing beats the old black red and yellow

Anonymous said...

Is this just something that you made up that COULD be the new Canucks digs or does this come from a somewhat reliable source? If they come out with this uniform nobody will remember the Sabres controversy...this will take the take of all time. After being a fan of the Canucks for so long and having so many disappointments I just wouldn't be able to support the team anymore. I would have to move on with my life.

Anonymous said...


those are nasty
i hate those

Anonymous said...

johnny Canuck was a pilot
the original logo is in the goggles
and i think its a wicked way to mesh everything Canuck together with a "V" to out line it all

Anonymous said...

oh i c the point of that jersey too, the c in the goggles, the v to outline it, and the colors are well chosen

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