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15 June 2007

As Komisarek and Higgins sign off, Aucoin may join act...

According to various sources, the Montreal Canadiens have officially re-signed restricted free-agent defenceman Mike Komisarek and forward Christopher Higgins to 2-year contracts.

Christopher Higgins and Mike Komisarek are two of the young players we consider to be building blocks for the long term success of our team.

Christopher is a complete player with great offensive skills who improved constantly since making his NHL debut. Mike displayed outstanding defensive poise over the past seasons and his physical presence is an undeniable asset to our group of defensemen.

-Bob Gainey

And these are not measly contracts, ladies and gents, according to our compatriot Renaud Lavoie over at RDS, Komisarek will make $1,5 million next season, and $1,9 million in 2008-2009.

A considerable rase from the 945K he made last season, the $1,7 million (on average) Komisarek will receive over the next two season are well-earned.

The Canadiens' 1st round pick of 2001 had a great 2006-2007 season, was one of two Canadiens to play in all 82 games and in the process, potted a career-high 4 goals, added another high with 15 assists and was a +7.

All that was a considerable improvement, over the 2 measly goals and 4 lonely assists he put up in 2005-2006.

Komisarek was the most consistent defenceman that took the ice for the Canadiens behind Andrei Markov; he was a menacing presence, and he would rough up any player once he got a chance to do so.

Always in the middle of scums and "get-togethers" around his goalie's net, the 25-year old would never be afraid to defend his goalie when the time came.

Reputed for his defensive play and his constantly improving offensive side, Komisarek is also of the funnier figures around the Canadiens' dressing room, and one of the first to talk to the media when given the chance.

Good signing Bob, so there you have it, this officially changes NOTHING when it comes to salary for the Canadiens, they actually saved money here.

The 99.999% sure departure of goaltender David Aebischer will free up $1,9 million in the Habs' cap next year, Komisarek will absorb $1,7 million of that, so if anything here, the Habs did not jeopardize a chance to get top free-agents like Daniel Briere, Chris Drury, Scott Gomez or more realistically, Alexei Yashin, they actually will save a little under 200K.

The Canadiens also re-signed forward Chris Higgins to a 2-year contract, terms have not yet been disclosed, but one can assume that Higgins will make around the same that fellow New Yorker, Mike Komisarek, made.

Higgins got off to a point-per-game start thru 18 games, to lead the Canadiens, until he blew his ankle out and remained out of the lineup for about 2 months.
When he returned, he looked terrible on the ice, and seemed to have lost that spunk he showed in the first 20 or so games.
Nevertheless, Higgins matched his 2005-2006 numbers, and scored 22 goals, added 16 assists in only 61 games.

Both are part of the ever-growing and ever-developping core of Canadiens youngsters, that will surely carry this team in the seasons to come.

On another note, Pierre McGuire revived a seemingly old rumour and one that is getting very tiring and frustrating in Habs' fans minds.
He mentioned, yesterday, on Montreal's Team 990 Sports Radio Station that we should expect a deal to happen between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Canadiens in the following week, most likely on draft day (I'm assuming).

Before you start drooling at the thought of Brent Seabrook or Cam Barker, it's none of those guys, and before you want to run to the bathroom and vomit, it's *sigh* Adrian Aucoin.
Before I run in and puke, I would have gladly welcomed Aucoin a few seasons ago, when he actually knew how to play defence and had a more than minimal offensive side.
Now? He's a washed-up 34-year old with limited talent and a hefty salary hovering around Sergei Samsonov's total, $4 million.

Now, WHY BOB? Why would you want this guy? I mean really, maybe Pierre is mistaken here, maybe Bob is going after some other guy, someone we would never expect...remember Alex Kovalev...who woulda thought of that?

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Isleschick said...

We would have loved to keep Aucoin on Long Island but not at that price and he's been hurt more than healthy the last 2 seasons.

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