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15 April 2007

Atmosphere in Hockeytown is pathetic...

While watching today's uneventful 3-1 Calgary Flames loss to the Detroit Red Wings that will put Calgary down 2 games to none, it really struck me at how bad the atmosphere in the old Joe Louis Arena is.

You wanna know how bad it is?

If you watched CBC's broadcast of the game at 1:00 PM today, you can tell from the start the crowd wasn't into it.

After Pavel Datsyuk scored yet again barely over a minute into the game, the crowd exalted a kind of tired cheer, as if they were exhausted of watching this happen.
The siren, the siren in the so-called "Hockeytown" rink, was also kind of silent, what was supposed to follow a blaring deafening horn was a shriek of happiness from the crowd.

But no.

I swear, I've never seen anything so dull in my life.

There was nothing, the crowd gave nothing to the Red Wings, they gave them no support whatsoever and were "calm" on missed calls by the officials.
Maybe I'm just used to the out-of-this-world atmosphere at my local sold-out Bell Centre, where the croud is LOUD.
Where you feel like you're in the game, where you feel the passion that the fans are showing their team, that the team feels and gets pumped up by.

It makes me wonder sometimes how the Detroit Red Wings can be such a dominating team without any energy shown by their fans, it's like, the fans don't even try to "inspire" the Wings to per say come back from a 2 goal deficit, or try to re-energize them by showing them they have confidence in them.

Whatever, it's sad to see such a great team have such a pathetic crowd.

The arena is not filling up very much either, and that also makes me wonder if they feel more pumped on the road; the Red Wings draw the most fans on the road in the whole NHL and they are louder in a place like Minnesota or Nashville, than at home in Detroit.

I also hear that, surprisingly, the Saddledome isn't as great as it looks.
Man, that place looked awesome back when the Flames made it all the way to the Cup Final...

I'm sure going to Joe Louis Arena is nice because of the history, but, I don't know if I'd feel like going every night if it was empty or dull.

-Sherry has a nice array of Price pictures from his pro debut.
It's really worth checking out as you won't find this many Price pictures in Hamilton on the web for probably another year and a half.

Time to watch the Sens and Pens, and then hit the books again...

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge

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