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22 April 2007

Jamie McLennan an "imbecile"....

UPDATE (3:25 PM EST): I was right! McLennan got 5 games from the NHL, just as Jordin Tootoo got when he punched Stephane Robidas in the face a few weeks ago.

Jamie McLennan entered Game 5 with about 3 minutes remaining in which the Calgary Flames were losing 5-1.of

His ice-time was short-lived, he played only 18 seconds until he got kicked out for a cheapshot on Johan Franzen.

McLennan replaced Kipprusoff, who had allowed 5 goals and looked shaky.

Just as the Flames backup went into the game, the starter came back in.

He was at the edge of his crease and was constantly jabbing at a Wings player (turned out to be Franzen, his eventual victim) screening him, the puck went wide and McLennan went out to play it and just as he skated back into his crease, jabbed Johan Franzen around in the chest area.

Franzen went down to the ice and McLennan savagely fended off a few of the officials that escorted him out of the game and into the Flames dressing room.

Everyone expects a suspension to be announced by the NHL sometime today, and if it should mean anything at all to the Calgary Flames, it'll likely be around 5 games.

Wings fans are going crazy on YouTube: "The Calgary Flames are a bunch of goons."
"McLennan and Calgary Flames go crazy."

And to top it off, Pierre McGuire and Gord Miller both exclaimed on the air "OH MY GOD!" "THAT IS PURE IMBECILITY"

But...what people fail to understand is that it's not important...I mean, McLennan getting suspended is not important, it won't help the Wings at all, Kipprusoff figures to play every single game...
What matters is that Johan Franzen is out...but is he?
Many suggest that Franzen was acting on the play and he dove.

Here is an interesting piece from HockeyNutz

    7. Noodles should be suspended!
    • Flames fan: For what? He hardly hit Franzen and Franzen dove. Noodles should have gotten 2 for the original slash, 2 more for the next one and that is it. Why doesn't Franzen get 2 for high sticking on the play. Yes he was battling with Hamrlik, but the standard is you have to be in control of your stick at all times. He should get high sticking and diving!
    • Wings fan: Playfair should get suspended for sending Noodles out to goon the Wings. Noodles should get suspended for his Simonlike Swing!
    • HockeyNutz: I agree the ref overreacted. My first reaction was it was a major, but watching the replay the second slash was not as serious as Franzen made it out to be. I think this was a brilliant play by Noodles. Send a message to the Wings. Who cares if he gets suspended? He is not seeing real game action unless Kipper goes down...and if Kipper goes down the Flames are done regardless of who backs them up. This was Noodles being the ultimate team guy.

    I wonder how the NHL will see it?
    Probably the Wings' fan's way.

    I also wonder how biased Don Cherry can be?
    Maybe Franzen was acting, but it was an intentional hit from McLennan.
    How can you call it "a little tap" Don?

    But look at it this way too...if Kipper goes down...who will Calgary turn to?
    Brett Khran?

    And McLennan is apparently the best backup in the entire NHL, I once saw a feature about him in Florida, on how he loved being a backup and helping out Roberto Luongo, and how Luongo needed him.

    Ah! Here it is:

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