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11 April 2007

Hockey us your stuff!

My little buddy CapsChick over at A View from the Cheap Seats and HLOG is hosting a playoff pool for hockey bloggers.
25-30 are participating, including me and I'm very excited.
To enter, submit your picks by tonight to CapsChick here:

Here is the first round playoff bracket, read the rules carefully before continuing.

It's set up like a form, so basically you can type or click on any shaded area.
All I ask is that when you send it back to me please include in the text of your message the following:
your name (or alias)
your favorite team(s)
your blog name as you want it to appear
your blog address

Every participant gets one entry per round. At the end of each round I’ll send around an update via e-mail and post it on my blog as well.
Extra fun: the winner of each round gets to pick three participants of their choice who then have to write a nice piece on the winner’s favorite team on their blog. There are no guidelines for how the selected must pay up, it just has to be positive. A little incentive to pick carefully, no? J

Each round will have a tie-breaker to determine the winner of that round, as well as the entire pool – predict the total number of shots in the final game of the selected series. The person who comes the closest wins.

1st Round – each team is worth its rank (e.g. 1st seed is worth 1 point, 8th seed is worth 8 points)
1 plays 8
2 plays 7
3 plays 6
4 plays 5

Tie-breaking series: West 4th vs. 5th
Bonus Points: Predict the sweep! Which series will have a first round sweep? (2 points each)

2nd Round – each seed is worth 2x the points (e.g. 1st seed is worth 2 points, 8th seed is worth 16 points)
Highest remaining plays lowest remaining
Second highest remaining plays second lowest remaining

Tie-breaking series: East highest vs. lowest
Bonus Points: Which goaltender will have the lowest GAA in the East? In the West? (4 points each)

Conference Finals – each seed is worth 3x the points (e.g. 1st seed is worth 3 point, 8th seed is worth 16 points)
2 East, 2 West

Tie-breaking series: West
Bonus Points: Who will score the most points in each series? (8 points each)

Stanley Cup Finals – the winner is worth 20 points + their initial rank

Bonus Points: Who will score the series-winning goal (OT or just the eventual game-winner)?

Final Tie-Breaker: How many shots will there be in the final game of the SCF? (Both teams combined)

GRAND PRIZE: The winner will get a post on all other participants' blogs on their favorite team, with a link to the winner's blog included. That's right, if a Caps fan wins even Penguins fans have to write a glowing post describing the wonder that is the Washington Capitals...and vice versa *shudder*

P.S. Look for an interview with Spector tomorrow!

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge

2 fanatics have replied:

Matthew Macaskill said...

I'm already in, and soooo going to win. :D

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Well mon ami, it's much easier than what we did.

All we have to do is predict the winners, not in how many games.


IIIII am so gonna win! :D :D

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