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08 April 2007

My sob-filled "it's over" post...

Only read this is you want to cry, Habs fans.

*hysterical sob*And as Mark Streit picked the puck up at his own blue line, realizing there were only 07 seconds remaining in play, I sobbed dearly.

I sobbed for the Canadiens, a team that had just blown a two-goal lead, a team that had given fans an ugly ending for the season, a team that lacked the passion the Leafs had tonight, and finally I sobbed because it was all over.

*continuous sobb*There would be no Cinderella runs for the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge this year, no more glory to uphold our pride, no more passion to support our addiction; it's just all gone. *passionate sob*

*sob*Saku Koivu did not lead this team, like I asked in my prayer. *sob*
Sure he had 3 assists and was not a minus, but the guy who we're paying more than Alex Kovalev did not even get a shot on goal, let alone battle in the corners. *sob*

I am really dissapointed in his showing tonight, his opponent, Mats Sundin, recorded 8 shots on goal, had the same number of assists, but nevertheless, he led his team; he was the Captain.

And now we get to...Alex Kovalev,*sob*after all the support I have shown for him even in times of media houndling him, people getting tired with his inconsistency and telling them all he could easily be the best player in the NHL, it's time for him to go. *sob*, *sob*

I don't have anything against Kovalev, despite a poor performance, I don't hold anything against him. I will however, criticize him.

Where were you tonight Alex?
This is the night you were supposed to show up?
This is the night you HAD to show up?
This is the night, you'd shut them all up and come out of hiding!

Except, you were benched for all but two shifts in the last period of play, and worst of all: Guy Carbonneau found it necessary to put you where you don't belong with the season on the line in the last minute of play: on the bench.
And with that said, I just cannot bare to go through the 2008 season with the guy on our team.
I think Gainey needs to trade him...please, do it, I don't want to suffer with all the Kovalev talk again, and besides, you could possibly get a nice package return back for him.
And once again, I don't hate the guy, I think it's just business and that he doesn't get along well with Guy Carbonneau and the media in question.

Sheldon Souray...*sobs again* is gone.
He will file for unrestricted free-agency and leave us...*sob*He's going to leave us!
There's no way we're going to sign him, unless Gainey sacrifics Kovalev and Samsonov for the price of Souray, we can't afford to sign him.

Oh Shelly...*sob*you've played for the last time in Bleu, Blanc et Rouge...
I'd like to thank you from the heart as I sit here sobbing at my computer desk for everything you have given us during this damned season...leadership, record-breaking scoring, maybe even legendary scoring. I salute you, and I will never forget what kind of a leader you were in the dressing room, and what an offensive fireballer, you were on the ice.*sob*

*Sigh* and now we get to Cristobal Huet. My favourite goaltender and by far the classiest guy of the team. I don't blame you, Cristobal, sure you let in 6 big ones, but, you couldn't even stop 4 of them. Remember how the puck hit off a skate, a stick, a body, a helmet, the zamboni, whatever. It always hit off something and went in. I do however, blame you for one thing: not stepping up when it was needed late in the game.

You kept us in the game after facing around 20 shots in the first period, but you did let in a few softies. I also understand you haven't played in about 2 months, but on this play, it's irrelevant.

Take the first goal for example: (I'm a goalie too) What...just what, were you doing on your knees, in your crease, not even facing the player who scored right, 1 second before the shot was even taken in the slot.
You did go down to block the post, but you did not show me the Huet I admire by pushing off to face the second shot in the slot like you ALWAYS do in the season.


I'm sorry we couldn't help you more tonight. I still have confidence in you, and I can't wait to see you play next season.

''Some people might question Carbonneau for putting Huet in, but I think we made the right move,'' said centre Chris Higgins, who scored two goals and added an assist against Toronto.

"The summer will be long," said Huet to the French press.

And yes, you're right, the summer will be VERY long.

I've had enough of ranting and sobbing now, but another thing bothers me.

The 2008 campaign? It could be the worst season in the new NHL era for the Canadiens.

Saku Koivu is not leading the team to wins, like a typical fan like you or if you're a psychotic fanatic like me, would want.

David Aebischer? Bye-bye! There's zero chance you're coming back next year thanks to your crappy play, and the emergence of Jaroslav Halak, makes it all but clear. I don't want to start on you again, I've already said it many times in many posts.

Radek Bonk? Ah, Radek. I hope you get signed, you had a fine year on defence and I appreciate the little things you did that helped this club A LOT.
I realize that you probably won't be retained, if Bob Gainey wants to attempt to keep Andrei Markov and Sheldon Souray, then you're toast mon ami.

*sob*Barring any big discount from the $2.3 million you're making now, I don't see you coming back, nor do I see the most-expensive d-man on our team, it's not a Markov or a Souray, it's Janne Niinimaa.

I still think management should offer him a contract and remain as the 7th defenceman, rather than bring up a dud like Jean-Phillipe Cote from Hamilton.
His strong play over the month of March is enough of an indication to me, that he wants to remain here. But maybe Bob Gainey will see it differently, and he likely will.

*sob*Mike Johnson? Wow, just a great pickup by Gainey! He had a very good season, and if Mark Streit didn't have a good year, I think he would have been nominated for the Masterton, and possibly (this is WAYYY stretched out) the Selke.

He had a very sound year on defence, and was a good surprise on offence (30 points and over 15o shots is good production at this point in his career).

I don't know if the Canadiens will retain him, he's making $1,9 million and I doubt he'd make that much next season.
I hope he and Bonk will come back, I really do...

I'm worried about this team for the upcoming season, because there is a major need of talent here. I would absolutely love to get Daniel Briere, but, it seems like nobody wants to come here and that Bob Gainey is reluctant to make big trades.
Both those items will cost us dearly next year.*sob*

Here's to hoping Gainey will make the right decisions and turn our team around.

And in the meantime, Go Sabres, but in my heart, I will always bleed Bleu, Blanc et Rouge.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge

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Matthew Macaskill said...


To an entertaining season none-the-less.

Honestly, Gainey might let all the UFA's walk, trade Kovy, Samsonov, some d-men, and rebuild this team's core completely by adding guys through trade at the draft and UFA this summer.

It will be a veryyyyy interesting off-season. I cannot wait to see who hits the ice in Montreal's new-age uniforms next season.

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