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10 April 2007

Craig Rivet sends an SOS to Souray...

Wow, what a great title for this TSN article: Rivet reborn in San Jose

The article is actually interesting and may be an indirect way Rivet is trying to lure Souray there.

Sheldon Souray has long been rumoured to be on the move, notably to a California-based team (namely the Sharks or Kings).

There was a wacky rumour going around a few days before the deadline, one that would send Matt Carle, Joe Pavelski and a 1st round draft choice to the Canadiens for Souray, after he "agreed to a two-year deal".

The deal was obviously a fabrication, no way Doug Wilson would offer up that much for a -28 defencemen whose only asset is his shot on the powerplay.
You think two prospering young players sounds like a bit much?

Well, Craig Rivet has just sent out an SOS to his friend.

"I went from minus-25-degree weather where I was shovelling three inches of snow off my car every day, to waking up to sunshine and blue skies," Rivet said. "You can really see (how) the atmosphere affects the guys.

Oh please.

You're telling me it was "difficult" to play here because of...the weather?

We all know how cocky the Montreal perfectionist media can be (see the Kovalev innuendo) and how it can affect a player's decision to want to play for the Canadiens (forget about Daniel Briere, the Quebecois media will likely feast on him being a "potential target" for GM Bob Gainey.) but come on Craig, you spent 11 seasons here and you think "weather" is a strong factor in the developpement of your play?

Oh please.

This is just him sugarcoating the Sharks for Souray, telling him "Hey, dump that Montreal team with crummy weather and crappy media and "pressure-filled" fans and come live with me here in San Jose, where the skies are blue and where we can walk in the sunshine."

Wow Craig, I know you didn't say that, but that's probably what you meant.

I wonder if Souray read this article, I wonder if he read it to see how "cozy" it is down in San Jose.

"I've enjoyed every minute," said Rivet, who will be a free agent after the Sharks' playoff run ends. "I don't know what the plans are with the Sharks, but I think the guys are great, the city is great.
"I think it's a diamond in the rough. It's a place a lot of players don't know about."

I don't think he ever said that when he was here.

Maybe I'm just sulking that the Habs are out and Rivet is saying things he never said when he was here in Montreal with San Jose.

San Jose is a great place to live, but really, you're telling me that hockey there is better than here?

Rivet, a pending UFA, was acquired by the Sharks on the eve of Trade Deadline day for fellow defenceman Josh Gorges and a 1st round draft pick.

And as we (well, the media) say up here in good ol' MONTREAL: "The City is Hockey".

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge

1 fanatics have replied:

Matthew Macaskill said...

An attack on Craig Rivet... why... I'm hurt! :D

Can't win 'em all I suppose, hehe. Poor guy got ripped here in Montreal, you have to wonder if by weather he means fans.

Oh well, I'm glad he's happier in SJ, he ought to be - he's in the playoffs and Montreal's not.

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