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19 April 2007

The Down Side of Video Replay

Sorry I have been away, I have had some computer trouble....

The most unfortunate thing about the video replay controversies in the Sabres - Islanders series is that they have taken away from the real story of a hard fought series. Instead of people talking about the drive and determination of Ryan Smyth and the clutch play of Chris Drury people keep talking about replay. It is a shame. For the record I think they got both calls right. From what I witnessed it is obvious that the Vanek goal was ,in fact, in the net across the goal line.

I also can empathize with the Islander's fans who feel robbed with last nights "no goal." Empathy aside, it appears to have been the right call. The logic referee Mike Leggo cited was that the puck was out of sight when Miller was pushed, therefore the fact the puck entered the net was not in dispute. The argument was whether or not his being pushed in caused it to enter the net. It is an opinion play. In Leggo' opinion the puck entered the net as a result of the push. As it wasn't visible there is no way to controvert his opinion. The fact that the puck entered is irrelevant because in Leggo's opinion the play ended when Miller was pushed into the net by Satan and Witt. Therefore the call was right in the eyes of the rulebook.

It is curious to me that the result of replay has led to far more disallowed goals than finding of "missed" goals. For a league that strives for offense it is an interesting conundrum. Getting it right often takes the excitement out of the game. I suppose in this day and age replay is necessary, but it is a shame that it ends up hurting the very game it was designed to help all too often.

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Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Nice job.

You're absolutely right though, I wonder how Instant Replay would screw up baseball...

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