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27 April 2007

Incredible...but not unexpected, so long Perezhogin!

Originally reported in a Russian newspaper "Sport Express", it appears that Canadiens forward Alexander Perezhogin has signed a contract with Avangard Omsk of the Russian Super League.

(Read the translated copy, again, thanks to Google here.)

Perezhogin, 23, was considered a bright light for Montreal in the years to come.
And the only reason this was unexpected, is because he probably would get a bigger role in Russia than stay in Montreal and play on the 4th line.

His developpement, has been alarmingly slow, and he's only put up 34 points in 128 career games.
Perezhogin is a quick, although not explosive, forward with a good shot when he uses it who lacks the ability to turn his game up when it is needed most and play consistent defence.
Just because he was +11, doesn't mean he was good in his own end.

He often took stupid hooking penalties in the offensive zone, and was just plain average in the defensive zone.

The only he was +11 is because of linemates Radek Bonk and Mike Johnson, who played spectacular defence while Perezhogin would only watch.
That line may not even be back in Bob Gainey's payroll next year.

Bonk and Johnson are both UFA's, and their status right now is pointing vividly to "unkown".

Perezhogin is well-loved by most Canadiens fans, but never really was a huge factor when it came to games, and especially ice-time.
A top-6 forward in Russia, Perezhogin was at best a 3rd-4th line player in Montreal.

He missed the final 20 or so games of the regular season with a head/neck injury.

Whatever, goodbye Alex.

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