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27 April 2007

Kasparaitis? Could be something you picked up in the urinal at the Garden...

You know, this can be perceived as funny or as insulting.
I still don't know where I stand...

10. Saku Koivu
Pronounced: Sack-Ooo Koy-VuuC'mon, Mr. and Mrs. Koivu. That's just not fair, especially since he's going to be playing in Canada, where people end every word with an up-lilt anyway.

9. Jarkko Ruutu
Pronounced: Yar-Ko Roo-TooFun Fact: All of the world's unused vowels eventually find their way to Finland, where they are recycled into names.

8. Guillaume Latendresse
Pronounced: Gee-Ulm La-Ten-DressYou know you have trouble when you play in the heart of Quebec and your name still makes the announcers tongue-tied.

7. Petteri Nokelainen
Pronounced: Pet-Ter-Ee Noke-El-Eye-Nen
Could be a forward for the New York Islanders, could be an artificial additive in that ice cream you're eating. Who knows? And that's why it's fun.

6. Ramzi Abid
Pronounced: Ram-Zee Ah-Beed
His name may not be the funniest on the list, but his nickname is awesome. Before each team flight, his teammates and security personnel call him "Random Search."

5. Jordin Tootoo
Pronounced: Jor-den Too-Too
If he had been a ballet dancer, this would have been doubly hilarious. But J.T. seems to be in on the joke—he wears number 22 (get it?)

4. Jonathan Cheechoo
Pronounced: Jon-a-Thon Chee-Choo
Just edging out close name rival Tootoo, Jonathan gets the extra vote because if you say his last name several times really fast, it sounds like a train.

3. Darius Kasparaitis
Pronounced: Dar-Ee-Us Kas-Per-Eye-Tus
Could be a defenseman for the New York Rangers, could be something you picked up in the urinal at the Garden. Who knows? And that's why it's fun.

2. Yutaka Fukufuji
Pronounced: You-Tak-A Fook-U-Foo-Jee
The first Japanese player to ever play an NHL game, Yutaka's surname dates back to the time his great-great-grandfather told off his arrogant neighbor, Mr. Fuji.

1. Miroslav Satan
Pronounced: Meer-O-Slav Shah-Tan
It doesn't matter how it's pronounced, if this guy gets traded to New Jersey, it's one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

2 fanatics have replied:

Anonymous said...

IT's Kas-Par-Ri-Tis, not "Per".

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Hey, it's not my article.

I got it off this link:

Typical American pronunctiation it seems.

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