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12 April 2007

You're staring at Henrik Sedin, then all of a sudden: a Slim Fast bar appears...

Some television viewers who stayed up late to watch Dallas' first-round playoff game against Vancouver might have missed Henrik Sedin's fourth-overtime goal.
The game was televised on Versus, and the network said Thursday it received reports the game was switched to an infomercial during the last overtime.

That "infomercial" part cracked me up, and I'm still cracking up while writing this now.

Imagine staying up 'till 3:00 AM and...there's Sedin in front of Turco, you're on your feet, he's about to let it drop your beer in the process, you look down and pick up that all-important Molson Ex immediately swivel your head towards the television see a limited time offer on Slim Fast bars...

Wow, imagine being a Stars fan and missing out on that all important moment, or, even worse, a Canucks fan missing out on Henrik potting one and giving you the winner while you sulk on the phone arguing with miss Bradshaw on how the infomercial caused you to grow an ingrown toenail, and, she advises you of an infomercial on now that could you help treat that.

My little story just cracked me up too...

8:03 PM: The Rangers lead the Thrahers 2-1, the Wings are on top of Calgary 2-0.

-Take a look at this...

Okay, now I'm having too much fun.

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