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26 April 2007

Here we go again...Kovalev talk resurfaces...

This is seriously pissing me off, excuse me, but I've had enough of all these bogus journalists bringing Alex Kovalev oriented interviews from Russia into the general media.

At the end of the season, I had a discussion with GM Bob Gainey, Kovalev explained to Pavel Alexandrovich Lysenkov, the author of Kovalev's official biography. I told (Gainey) that I didn't want to be back on the team if I'm treated the same way as I was (this past) season.

Journalists can accuse me of anything they want, I'm not going to give that any importance, Kovalev said. But when your team doesn't support you, when it gives you a secondary role that won't let me play, and all without explanation... that's hard (to digest).

And I wonder why we have trouble getting actual talent here.

I'm not denying Kovalev said this, but I honestly believe that it's another paltry attempt by the Montreal media to stir something up that would get fans and bloggers like me talking about it and move free-agents further away from potentially signing with the Canadiens.

He probably did say this to a Russian interviewer, and good for him, do you think any player of his calibre (although underachieving for his money) and salary is worth being on the 4th line?
I think not, and I will not get into it, but Guy Carbonneau's so sure of himself that he decides to bench Kovalev in the most important game of the season (against Toronto), and again, I will not get into it as I've already done so in previous Kovalev-oriented posts.

Kovalev deserves better treatment than he gets, even if he's not living up to the money he's putting in his wallet.
He may not have the classy Cristobal Huet attitude, but he's not Lou Piniella either.

If I do get into this again, you may find most parts of my post vulgar and emotional.

All I can say now...when will this end?
I hope it'll end with Briere signing with Montreal and Kovalev playing with him.

What? A Habs fan can dream...but can he?

3 fanatics have replied:

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with you... I say fire all the writers that cover the Habs and get some fresh new unbiased talent.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

That list would be long, starting with all the writers from La Presse and The Journal de Montreal.

The Gazette seems OK.


Jay Burley - Ottawa Habs Fan said...

PLEASE SOMEONE START A PETITION TO FIRE GUY CARBONNEAU! I know Kovy is a bit of a b*itch lately but Carbonneau acts like a child with revenge and idiotic benchings. I just heard were going to lose Perezhogin now....Hey why don't we push Markov away too? This is ridiculous NO MORE REBUILDING!

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