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27 April 2007

To the dismay of many Quebecers...Shane Doan named captain of Team Canada at WHC...

Shane Doan has been named captain of Team Canada at the upcoming WC in Moscou.

This is a very controversial decision in the eyes of some Quebec hockey fans.

While scanning some message boards this morning, I realized there were many hatrid posts against Doan for his being named captain of Team Canada.

"He's a racist" "He insulted us!"

I understand, as I live amongst Quebecers, that they probably weren't happy to hear Doan insult French-Canadians in a game last season.

But really, some of these people should get on with their lives, a lot of crap is shot in a hockey game.
And trust me, I've been there enough to know what can be said on the ice.

A guy who needs to get on with his life and just forget about this, is Liberal member Denis Coderre (who happens to be a Quebecer)who's taken this a little too far, to put it politely, when he said on CKAC radio and as reported from RDS, that he plans to pursue this decision by bringing it to Canadian PM, Stephen Harper's office.

Monsieur Coderre, again, I understand your disapproval of this situation, but really, is it really worth going through all this just to get a guy off a hockey team?
He's Canadian, so are you, and despite his alledged slur fest last year, he has every right to be in there.

You know why, Mister Coderre, why this has been blown out of proportion? (and I better watch the way I explain myself here, not to offend anyone).

And I'm saying this respectfully to all my fellow French-Canadians, but the only reason this situation got as far as it has, is because it was a French-Canadian that was insulted.

Before you think to insult me, or if you're Denis Coderre, take this matter to Mr. Harper as well, please consider what I have to say.

If the referee Doan nsulted on the ice would have been an American, like "F$#%@!*9^ American", it would be no big deal, we would have never even heard about it.
I just don't get why every single time there's a racial insult on the ice towards a French-Canadian player (see Georges Laraque again)it's such a big deal!

Words are spoken, crap is said, and enough of this should be said.

Get on with your life Mr. Coderre, Shane Doan didn't kill your wife and kids.

And again, Doan was probably carried away when he said that by the emotion of the moment, maybe some French-Canadian born player insulted Doan on the bench, and he felt compelled to return that.
And besides, it was the ol' famous French media that reported this originally, and, that's all you need to know on how this have been COMPLETELY blow out of proportion.

Glad I got that out!

...OK! I know I should end my post right here, but Stephen Harper won't do anything about this. Have fun wasting your time Mr. Coderre!

5 fanatics have replied:

Anonymous said...

He was cleared by the league. Several others in the area heard nothing close to what he was accused of saying. Too bad some opposition politicians are so desperate to create a scandal and get sports mixed up in politics. Even more ashame that the government minister of Sport is so weak to allow this to go on.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

I even hear now (from Toronto media sources, it figures...) that it was Nagy who slurred, and not Doan.


Kel said...

I think the latest news is that Shane Doan said to Curtis Joseph:

"Four French referees in Montreal, Cuje, figure it out."

I can understand how a linesman who heard Nagy called him "f--king French" earlier in the game became upset when he skated by Doan and overheard this and mistook it another version of "f--king French", but it should by now be clear that Shane Doan only made a comment that has the word French in it and the comment was actually factual.

Michael said...

In times like this, I am glad that your voice can be heard.

Seems like when I look around at the outrage on blogs and media, it is the Anglos who are pissed. Does anybody care to site or find a Quebec native about his/her opinion?

This blog article sees things from both sides and you have presented yourself very rationally. Very refreshing.

Thanks a bunch.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Michael- Thanks, it actually came from the heart, being with these kind of people every day.

kel- Maybe, that could be a possible scenario, no one really knows and frankly, we should all stop caring.
Oh, and I read this morning from the Gazette (in Montreal) that Doan's very religious and that he never EVER swears.
And there I thought to myself it had gone too far, I wish I could believe that.
Crap talk is common in hockey and you expect me to believe Shane Doan's never used a bad word?!

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