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09 April 2007

Free-agent market trimmed yet again...

Man, at this rate, there'll be nothing left for teams to feast on and me to write about!

Following suit to Pavel Datysuk, two other big-name free-agents have been officially taken off the list.

The list no longer includes the Avs Captain Joe Sakic and the talented bleu-liner from Ottawa who goes by the name of Anton Volchenkov.

TSN reports that Volchenkov has signed a three-year deal, it was announced by Sens GM John Muckler in the last hour.

"Anton has been one of our top defencemen all season," GM John Muckler said in a statement. "We're pleased to have secured him for the next three years, two of which were restricted and the third season when Anton would have been an unrestricted free agent."

Ouch, imagine him being restricted for the next two seasons, with the arbitrators giving away money like there's no tomorrow, he could have possibly made more than he's going to make over the next three years.

No wonder Muckler's happy, although contract details have yet to be released, instead of paying along the lines of $2-2.5 million (that's what I expect he got), he'd probably have to pay about a million and maybe more.
If that were to happen, then he'd be in a sticky situation, just like the Sabres were last off-season when an arbitrator award JP Dumont $2.5 million.
The Sabres just couldn't afford it and they let him go to Nashville.
Except for Muckler, it could have been a much more serious loss.

The loss could've been one of his two top-notch defencemen, namely Chris Phillips (since they'd have less money to keep him) or the man in question Anton Volchenkov (see the Dumont situation.)
Anyhow, great signing by Muckler and it remains to be seen how much he's going to be putting in his bank account in the next three years.
The announcement comes just 2 days before the Senators playoff quest begins at the Scotia Bank Place against number 87 and the Penguins.

Volchenkov, 25, is having a career year for the Senators, who drafted him 21st overall back in 2000.

He only had one goal, but has picked up a high 18 assists and an equally career marker with 19 points.
A more impressive stat, is his +37 mark, which ranks 5th in the NHL.

His play has picked up in the second half, after a slow start which led to many trade rumours involving the young Russian.

-Joe Sakic has re-signed a one-year deal with the Colorado Avalanche, per the Denver Post.
The classy Canadian forward, has shown that he still has scoring power left in the tank.
Sakic, 37, is having a phenomenal year with 36 goals and 64 assists, his highest total since he amassed 118 back in 2000-2001.
He made $5.75 million last year and there's no indication he'd make any less this upcoming season.

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