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04 July 2007

2007 Free-Agent Frenzy Live-Blogging Event Part 4.5

Also live-blogging: Battle of New York,
We Want it Bad

Hey guys!! I am here...if you wanna chat e-mail me

Alright everyone, open up your emails and send me your team's lineup as you would put it right now, I'm very interested to see how teams will look next year, especially the ones that lost big. Any and all submissions will be posted!!

12:07 Ok, I am officially out of here guys! I really had fun doing this. I am heading to bed to prepare for a looooooong day at work tomorrow have a good night. If you do e-mail me tonight I will pass them along to BBR for ya!

11:35 Hey Robert just sent us in a hot tip...apparently The New Jersey Devils will announce tomorrow that they have signed Sheldon Souray. If this is true...that will be amazing!! I would be happy to be a Devils fan...Lou Lam could really kick that boy into shape defensively. Here is Robert's e-mail:
Not sure how relaible this is considering this rumor has been going on all day and nothing has come of it. I also have to wonder why they would pay this much to Souray when they let Rafalski walk.

Ayway, is reporting the following:

Sources tell The NHL Line that the New Jersey Devils will announce the free agent acquisition of former Canadiens defenceman Sheldon Souray tomorrow. They've ended talks for the day, but tomorrow morning they will discuss a few more options (possibly a NTC or maybe Lou wants to lower the value a bit) before processing the paperwork and finalizing the deal. "But the Devils made their pitch, and Souray will be a Devil by tomorrow."

TNL NOTE: This is still a "report." We ask that you wait until an official announcement before jumping to immediate conclusions.This comes from a very trustworthy source and this rumour, according to our new rumour system is a (10).

11:30 Ok guys I am getting ready to call it a night...I will keep the e-mail up for another half if you have any more questions feel free to send them in. Also, I believe BBR will be doing this be on the look out for that. And, if I don't get any e-mails between now and then be sure to check me out on HLOG
and Bethany's Hockey Rants and of course over here :)

11:22 John sent us in another e-mail
I understand the skepticism - believe me. Last year, a lot of us had our
hopes up after getting the potentially "offensive threat" known as Kyle
Calder and the seasoned but still worthwhile vet in Geoff Sanderson.
The one thing that still frightens me is the goaltending situation. Don't
get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Marty Biron, but at the same time, his best
seasons were years ago. He hasn't had a legit starting job in a few years
so I have to wonder if we're still solid on the back end.
Anyway, that's my take on the situation. I think we'll be fine otherwise
as long as all these former captains don't butt heads :)
I honestly don't think Marty Biron will have any problems...he deserves the chance to the number 1 and will do great. I am a huge fan of his also...he hasn't had a legit starting job because of Ryan Miller...who ended up turning into a great goaltender. And I am sure you have nothing to worry about with the former Captains butting heads. Smith is a great guy and a true leader, so he will do great. I hope Lupul can get motivated though.
11:16 Nickle sends in the following e-mail
do you thing patrick kaleta will be on the sabres roster next year, and do you think they will go after someone like mike comrie or jeff O'neill?
I doubt that Patrick will make the line up next year...he still needs a little more time to develop. They will go after someone. Now just so you know, I'm not a Sabres girl...but, that's just a personal opinion.

11:13 John sends in an e-mail
Hey there - here's Philly's lineup as currently listed for next year:

Scottie Upshall
Simon Gagne
Joffrey Lupul
Jeff Carter
Mike Richards
Scott Hartnell
RJ Umberger
Mike Knuble
Sami Kapanen
Daniel Briere
Ben Eager
Ryan Potulny (minors/reserve forward)

Derian Hatcher
Mike Rathje (IR)
Braydon Coburn
Randy Jones
Jason Smith
Denis Gauthier
Lasse Kukkonen
Kimmo Timonen
Alexandre Picard

Martin Biron
Antero Niittymaki

Boy oh boy am I pumped for next year. The top of the division looks ripe
for the taking! Let's go Fly-guys!

John D.
Now John, don't get too carried had a good team on paper last year too :P Just kidding you guys will be great next season.
11:02 Thanks to Mirtle who pointed me out to this link he analyzes who the "winners and losers" are for the UFA Signings. Personally, I think it is WAY too early to even think about that stuff. And, I am STILL around guys...although it's getting boring so if you want me stick around send me an e-mail.

10:51 Antoine sent in an e-mail
I'm not sure what the rule is regarding veteran bonuses. Maybe I'm just dreaming...
I think the best thing about it could be the credibility issue, though. It would probably help towards making other free agents in the future accept Montreal's offers when they are better :-)
(and we all know the real prize, Lecavalier, may be free next summer...)
Mark my words Vinnie will play for the Habs some day!!!!!!

10:47 Rick sent in an e-mail about a trade he would like to happen.
By the way, as a Habs fan, my favorite scenario right now would be for
either Dandenault or Bouillon traded to a team for a draft pick and for us
to sign Andy Sutton on a 2 or 3 year deal. I very much doubt its possible,
but a dream is a dream:)
I know all about dreams being a Jackets's sort of how we get by...

10:42 I am going to take a quick break for 5 minutes and get a drink...keep the e-mails coming guys!

10:37 Antoine sent in another e-mail bout Forsberg.
so seriously, if Forsberg is healthy or can get healthy, do you think he is worth the risk at $2.5 + bonuses? He may give the organisation the credibility it seems to be lacking amongst the players. Also, I imagine you could structure the bonuses so that they didn't count immediately against the cap (a la Shanahan/veteran player). If he is having a good year, you use the extra cap space to pay his bonuses; if he has a bad year, you still have room under the cap at the deadline.

Even with Forsberg at 80%, just think Koivu, Forsberg, Plecanec, Smolinski up the middle with guys like Lapierre, Chipchura and Grabovsky in the mix...
I think he is for sure worth it...Forsberg is an amazing player with a TON of talent...and would be great to add...and I like the idea of having the bonuses that way it won't be such a risk...good call on that Antoine!
10:30 Rick updated his lineup...I won't delete the first one but here is the new one.
Sorry, I made a mistake on the email I just posted for the Habs lineup.
Please post corrected version if you don't mind.



I think the Habs will have Price play one full year in the AHL as they would
not want to have two rookies start the year in nets for the team.


Komisarek Markov
Hamrlik O'Byrne
Dandenault Bouillon

The organization wants to have a few rookies make the team this year, and
O'Byrne will be able to learn from Hamrlik who really helped Phaneuf in

Spares Defense

Gorges and Streit. I think Gorges will play with Bouillon or Dandenault at
some point as I see one of them being traded at some point. Gorges could be
a very underrated player for the Habs as he did see around 18 minutes a game
on a very good Shark team. I hope at some point he really gets a chance to
show what he can do.


Ryder Koivu Higgins
Kovalev Smolinski Kostytsyn
Kostopoulos Plekanec Streit
Latendresse Lapierre Begin


Murray and Ferland

I think the team will not have Chipchura start in the NHL just yet as there
does not seem to be a regular spot available for him yet. For this year,
Kostitsyn, O'Byrne and Ferland will be the youngsters making the team.
10:27 Kukla just responded to my e-mail about the Nylander situation and includes a link to check out.
I have been so darn busy I haven't really dug deep into this.
But I know the NHL is going to take a look at it and according to what I have heard and read, no signature was ever on a contract to the Oilers, but a verbal commitment was made.
Perhaps this post will help answer the question... But again, until the NHL comes out with a statement, which they will, it is all up in the air how this will come out.
10:25 Rick sent us an e-mail with a Montreal lineup...

This is a very interesting blog you got going here; it's definitely become
an everyday stop for me. I would like to post my version of the Montreal
lineup for the upcoming year:



I think the Habs will have Price play one full year in the AHL as they would
not want to have two rookies start the year in nets for the team.


Komisarek Markov
Hamrlik O'Byrne
Dandenault Bouillon

The organization wants to have a few rookies make the team this year, and
O'Byrne will be able to learn from Hamrlik who really helped Phaneuf in

Spares Defense

Gorges and Streit. I think Gorges will play with Bouillon or Dandenault at
some point as I see one of them being traded at some point. Gorges could be
a very underrated player for the Habs as he did see around 18 minutes a game
on a very good Shark team. I hope at some point he really gets a chance to
show what he can do.


Ryder Koivu Higgins
Kovalev Smolinski Kostytsyn
Kostopoulos Plekanec Begin
Latendresse Lapierre Lahti


Murray and Ferland

I think the team will not have Chipchura start in the NHL just yet as there
does not seem to be a regular spot available for him yet. For this year,
Kostitsyn, Lahti and Ferland will be the youngsters making the team.


10:23 Thomas just sent in another Habs line up so here ya guys go!
Come on! I just looked at Yannick's lines for the Canadiens and somethings
are truly not working! Where are Streit and Lapierre? Two hard-workers, the
type of players Carbo and Gainey loves.
This is how I look at it:

Fowards :

Latendresse - Koivu - Ryder
Lahti - Smolinski - Kovalev
Higgins - Plekanek - A. Kostitsyn (because it worked sooo well at the end of
last season)
Bégin - Lapierre - Kostopoulos/Ferland/Milroy

Defense :

Markov - Komisarek
Hamrlik - Streit
Bouillon - Dandenault
Georges - O'Byrne

Goalies :

Huet - Halak

Because as everybody knows, the Canadiens rarely promote young guns quickly
from Hamilton; Grabovsky and Chipchura needs one more year, Sergei Kostitsyn
still has a lot to learn, and Locke will be traded (and maybe Danis so he
can have a better role in another club with less depth in goals)

Thanks for posting me!

10:19 I had planned on signing off at 10 but if the e-mails keep coming in I will continue to post. You guys are great! Apparently Muckler is going to talk to the Leafs.

10:14 Man you guys are hopping with the e-mails! I love it!! Alex sends in the following e-mail about the Forsberg in Montreal situation.
I heard that if he is ever healthy enough to play again, it will be in Philly. I don't think Forsberg is going to talk to any teams about contracts, until he knows that he can play. Remember that last year when Philly wanted to give him an extension, he refused because he didn't know if he could play long term. This is what led to his trade. Dont worry in Montreal, I doubt his injury troubles will ever be your concern.

I hope you are right Alex...I hope you're right.

10:10 Scott sends in an e-mail for line combinations for the Habs!
Goaltenders: Price, Huet, Halak (not really sure though who the two will be, Huets )





Streit will be on the point for 2nd PP unit






10:01 C. Win sends me an e-mail about his fantasy team.
Ok Bethany, here's a fantasy team question for you.....

Name your fantasy team consisting of 4 forward lines, 6 d-men and a 2 goalies from the current crop of NHL players if you were a GM and had to build a team from scratch taking in to account roles and assigned positions(ie 2 scoring lines, a checking line and a energy line and you can't have 9 centers and 2 wingers etc!) LOL Mine are.......









This is alot harder than you'd think, that's my line up.... how about you?

Well I will here's mine.




BOOGAARD-MADDEN-TOOTOO(So help me I hate this kid...but can't deny his skill of pissin people off.)





Dude that was seriously difficult...ugh!

9:57 Antoine sent in the following e-mail about Forsberg.
So what's up with Forsberg in Montreal with his agent? Is it innocent as they claim?
They say they are just playing golf...I find it a little suspicious. However, I think Gainey is smart enough to realize Forsberg just had surgery and is having issues and probably will continue to have injuries. I hope that Forsberg doesn't sign in Montreal.

Well I am glad I didn't sign off like I had planned to. Alex sends in the following e-mail concerning the Nylander situation.

The more I think about it, I think Gillis is probably the most responsible and guilty. I met Kevin Lowe (along with the rest of the 1995-1996 Rangers) after a game. He was, even as a player, an absolute gentleman and the consummate professional. It is inconceivable to me that he is not telling the truth here. Why would he go through all the trouble and subsequent repercussions by lying.
Therefore, when Gillis and Nylander committed to Edmonton and then broke their agreement and signed with Washington, they must have known there would be a major beef afterwards. My guess is that Gillis, being the agent, incorrectly told Nylander that it wasn't a deal until the final contract was signed. Nylander, whose profession is playing not negotiating, probably trusted him. I doubt that Washington knew about the Edmonton agreement beforehand, because they would have known that there would be a severe penalty to pay for it.
The big question is why would Gillis do this: Inexperience? Incompetence?
The only other possibility I can think of is that Gillis and Nylander (and maybe Washington)knew what they were doing, and decided that even if they get penalized (in fines, draft picks, and roster players), somehow it was still worth it. Because of family matters, Nylander clearly wanted to stay in New York and not relocate, so I can see why he would chose Washington over Edmonton geographically. But the most important thing to Nylander was the money, because at age 35 (by season's start) this is his final contract and chance of financial security. The only scenario I can envision is that Edmonton had the best offer, so Nylander took it. Then after the agreement with Edmonton, Washington came back with a better offer, so Gillis, Nylander (and maybe Washington) decided that it was worth the future headache (which has only just begun) and snubbed Edmonton in favor of Washington.
This is going to be very interesting and possibly entertaining to watch unfold. I also believe that, depending on what the league does in reponse, this fiasco will set a precedent that will either deter or encourage future similiar incidents.
Any thoughts?

I am very excited to see how all of this turns out...I mean he has signed a contract with the Capitals so as far as I know that can not be broken. I wouldn't be surprised if he just got a slap on the hand and they just made a new rule or something about it. Although I did find an interesting quote from Tarik that may shed a little light on the subject.

Because Nylander and Gillis did not return a signed standard player's contract to the Oilers after negotiating the terms of an agreement, sources said it's unlikely that any remedy would jeopardize Nylander's pact with the Capitals, signed and approved by the NHL.

"To our knowledge, there has been only one Standard Player's Contract executed and filed with the League, and under our CBA, that contract should be enforceable," Deputy NHL Commissioner Bill Daly said in a written statement. "But if, after reviewing all of the relevant facts here, there has been a breach of a contractual commitment, we will certainly assist the Oilers in any way we can in seeking an appropriate remedy."

9:46 Robert sends in an e-mail talking about the Rangers Ego Situation...
The Rangers have had a great room the past two years. Jagr has been a model citizen in New York. Last year, he and Shanahan not only co-existed, they were very close. I don't really see how adding two players to an already tight dressing room is going to create a problem. Gomez and Drury have both been on teams with plenty of other big name players and had quite a bit of success. Although, all Rangers fans appreciate how concerned you all are about our chemistry and cap situation, we are in fine shape on both fronts. The 1994 team had plenty of huge egos, and they managed to pass the cup around to each other just fine.
I do agree with you...and I hope you are right about your salary cap'll be interesting to see if it will work out...and I do hope Shanny comes back. By the way let it be known that my beloved Uncle was a HUGE Rangers I have no issues with the Rangers.

9:41 Does anyone think it's ridiculous that Scott Niedermayer is leaning towards retirement? I mean he is only 34 (I know you thought he was older right?!) he is soooo young and has so much more to offer!!

9:30 Scott sent in a Salary Cap question
OK everyone seems to be wrapped up in these front loaded contracts. Question for ya, Using Briere as an example- yeah i am a flyers fan- If the last year of the contract is 3 million us, then if he were traded or bought out of the last year does that mean we are talking about the 3 million or the average over the contract. I keep seeing players being bought out of the remainder of their contract and it doesnt say anything about the average salary, only the remaining salary. If this is the case then arent the Flyers or any other team with this type of contract in great shape down the road if that players performance drops off. They could buy out the 3 million or trade them- and at 3 million I would think Briere would be easy to trade- just looking for any more info you may have.
To be honest with you Scott I just learned about Buy Outs when Mirtle put up a great post about it...and actually it's talking about Briere...he can explain it better than I can...check it out
here. Hope that helps.

9:26 One of my HLOG sisters Kristin brought up an interesting point...are the Rangers going to self destruct with all those ego's?? I think it's possible...what do you think?

9:19 I sent Kukla an e-mail asking him about hopefully he will write me back and I will have an answer for you Alex.

9:15 Alex sends in the following about the Nylander situation
How can something like this happen? And if it's possible once, I'm surprised that it doesn't happen more often. I'm assuming that since Lowe's states that the verbal agreement was somehow in writing (from Gillis), there is some kind of general letter of intent that is signed by both sides after a verbal agreement - followed by a completed contract within a day or so.
Do you know how this process works?
I am not sure how the process works so if any of you do please let me's kind of hard to find it on google. I mean there has to be a letter of intent.

9:04 Hey Detroit fans...Hudler may have signed...if I hear anymore on this I will let you know.

8:52 Alright are slacking with the e-mails again...come know you wanna e-mail. I will talk about anything,. hockey, finance, politics, the fact that the schedule needs to come out...anything you want...

8:50 The Nylander situation got a little weird the other day...and it looks like the NHL may be stepping in. Thanks to Kukla for the link.

8:37 C. Win sends in the following for the Devils.

Ok assuming that Elias isn't dealt to Vancouver for Ohlund, Morrison and a 1st rd pick, or to Montréal or Toronto and Gionta isn't shipped out to Toronto or Montréal.. all of which have been rumored in the last 24 hrs or so these are my lines.....





Now mind you Lou and Jeff Vanderbeek the OWNER have stated that trades and a few more singings are coming so this could change drastically!

P.S All the bashers saying Lou has lost his mind for letting Rafalski walk and signing(maybe) Souray must keep in mind that Lou said he wanted the Devils to be bigger and stronger, Souray is 5" taller and 32lbs heavier than Rafalski not to mention he's almost 3 yrs younger and will be playing a tighter defensive system in NJ so his +/- will be better!

P.S.S Our defensive system might be the trap but we aren't the only ones playing it or a system like it( hello DET. fans and the LEFT WING LOCK!) there's plenty of other teams to share in the blame!


My response is Elias will not go to Vancouver...I can almost assure you of that. And, when I first heard that Souray may be a Devil...I was worried. But, given the Devils system...I think he would be great and may be able to improve defensively.

8:27 Mr. Nasty sends in the following
Just a reference to Waffledaves estimate.

I am not sure he included the cost of the Cullimore
and Salmaleinen buyouts or the signing of Lahti. The
Habs available cap room is slightly over 10 million.
Assuming Ryder and Plekanec make a total of 4.5
million together then the Habs would have just over 5
million left. Gainey also wouldn't spend up to the
cap and handicap his ability to pursue players later
in the season. If he wants to save a couple million
of wiggle room then he only has 2-3 million to spend.
The most likely scenario is to trade with a team for
that offensive centre ot left wing (the left wing is
pretty weak too). A team could be looking to trade an
asset and tranfer the Habs a few million of salary in
the transaction.

I agree with you...Gainey is a great GM and will be able to pull something off. And, I know they will not spend up to the Cap...he knows better.

8:21 Yannick sends in a possible Habs line up.

Goaltenders: Price, Huet




Dandenault-Mathieu Biron







I really and truely hope that Gorges does better with the Habs this year than he did last year...he really struggled after his trade...and I know he is capable of more. He was great on the Sharks. And, I don't know if Price is ready for prime time yet...I'd like to see him get another year in the minors.

8:19 So I finally received some e-mails...Alex posts a response.
In response to Cwgatti's 7:30 PM post, I believe the cap hit is the average salary over the length of the contract. For example, a $20 million 5 year contract counts as $4 million a year on the cap hit, regardless whether it is evenly loaded (4,4,4,4,4,), front loaded (7,7,2,2,2) or back loaded (2,2,2,7,7). Therefore, I don't believe it is going to help the Rangers cap hit this year if they back load contracts to Lunquist or Avery.
Alex is right. The Cap hit is the average salary not what they make in that particular year.

8:15 I just realized my e-mail address if you click on it was going to BBR's e-mail...I believe it is fixed now...mine is

8:08 Alright, BBR wanted people to send it what their line combinations will be and since no one is e-mailing I will talk about my beloved Blue Jackets. Michael Arace put the line combinations up in his Blog

Rick Nash-Sergei Fedorov-David Vyborny.
Fredrik Modin-Jiri Novotny-Nikolai Zherdev.
Jason Chimera-Alexander Svitov-Dan Fritsche
Jody Shelley-Manny Malhotra-Gilbert Brule

But, like he mentions in his's all up for could be anyone filling in at center. I am hoping that Gilbert Brule steps up and takes over as Line 2's Center...but the only way that will happen is if he has seriously improved over the summer.

8:05 TSN is reporting that the Anaheim Ducks have signed Maxim Kondratiev to a one year deal....yay.

Mirtle has a list of the UFA's still available

7:55 Come on guys!! My inbox is lonely...I wanna hear about everything from complaining about your teams choices or lack debating about Foppa...anything let me know guys!!

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