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08 July 2007

Just When It Couldn't Get Any Worse for Sabres' fans...this!

Still reeling from the loss of their two captains and the massive contract received by Thomas Vanek Sabres' fans got some news that was even worse. They found out that it appears that Darcy Regier and Larry Quinn are acting like nothing more than two bit con men.

Fans woke up to the Sunday morning Buffalo News to find:

"This isn’t meant to ruin your Sunday breakfast, but the Buffalo Sabres keep digging their hole deeper and deeper. They can no longer blame the media or the Edmonton Oilers or the collective bargaining agreement for their dizzying week of mismanagement loaded with halftruths and spin control.

Now, an agent, Pat Brisson, is stepping forward with enough gumption to say publicly what people suspected all along, that managing partner Larry Quinn wasn’t telling the whole truth last week. Quinn claimed General Manager Darcy Regier called Brisson, who represents Daniel Briere, and never received a return phone call.

“For the record, Darcy Regier did call Pat Brisson in January,” Quinn said Friday. “There was no offer back to us about any kind of discount or anything. So I think we ought to make the record clear on that. If there had been and everybody came together and said, ‘Let’s all chip in,’ we would have tried to figure out a way.”

According to Brisson, the Sabres never called his office at any point during the season. In fact, he hadn’t heard from them since last summer, the day before Briere was awarded a one-year contract worth $5 million. Brisson at the time was pressing the Sabres to sign Briere to a five year deal worth $25 million, which the Sabres rejected."

Nothing like one of the most respected agents in hockey saying your team's leadership is a bunch of phonies and liars. This follows Buffalo News Sabres' writer Bucky Gleason's revelation that the Sabres had an agreement in place on Drury this fall (told you!!!) and failed to act on it.

Here are excerpts from that article.

"Right when you thought the news couldn't get much worse coming from HSBC Arena, we come to find out that Chris Drury actually accepted a contract offer from the Buffalo Sabres that would have kept him around for a tad more than $5 million a year. And what did the Sabres do? Nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Drury agreed to a four-year deal worth $21.5 million last fall. He waited and waited . . . and waited . . . for the Sabres to send the contract to his agent so he could sign the bottom line. Days passed without hearing from the Sabres. Then it was weeks. Still, nothing. Finally, he started having second thoughts. "

The Sabres, of course, deny this. But I have a tough time swallowing that Chris Drury, the classiest Sabre in decades and Steve Brisson, and Danny Briere and Mike Grier have it all wrong and are actually making it up out of spite.

You have to wonder what is next? I would be unhappy, but respect, the sabres decision if they simply had decided to change direction. This, this makes no sense at all. This is a perfectly illustrated scenario for why the Sabres are one of the least respected organizations in hockey.

I must admit I really feel for Lindy Ruff. He just went from the catbird seat to the outhouse in days flat. He sounded at a loss and in shock after losing both of his captains and the vast overpayment of Vanek. He definitely sounded like a guy who would have much rather been someplace else. He deserves far better than this.

The thing that is strange is that Tom Golisano is such a class guy. I find it hard to believe he could tolerate this. The next week could be very interesting. A few weeks ago I decried the Sens firing of John Muckler. Unfortunately, this series of 'decisions' by the tandem of Quinn and Regier could be far more devastating.

I say that it is time for Quinn and Regier to go. This town has suffered enough. The last thing Buffalo needs is two more con men in charge.

6 fanatics have replied:

Katy said...

It's days like these that I am glad I am not a Sabres fan...oh wait. I am glad for that every day. : )

Anonymous said...

If an agent says something is true then it must be. Nobody has ever known them to lie or distort the truth.

Pierre Ste-Marie said...

As a habs fan, this news is nothing tragic to me! Buffalo is a team I have always respected even though they are in the same division as the Habs. I hate the bruins, and the leafs. The sens are getting on my nerves more and more. Buffalo is therefore the team i dislike the most out of the four.

Anyways, talk about a team getting destroyed! I doubt very much that we see the same dominant Sabres next season. I doubt they finish first in the conference, let alone in the division this year!

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Katy-I actually wondered how it felt to be a Sabres fan this season, how awesome it was to watch the team flourish like that and come pretty close (but, haha, sorry, no dice) to the Stanley Cup Final.

Wait...I did, the Habs were 5 points behind Buffalo for most of December and held the (I must not cry, I must not---**sniff**) SECOND BEST record in the Eastern Conference before having to endure a bitter loss to the Leafs in April while we watched our playoff lives completely disappear, by missing the playoffs by A SIGNLE DAMN POINT!

Haha, glad to have gotten that out too, but hey, the Sabres still have a ton of good players, and they probably will still be a contender next year.

Pierre: I agree, but we shan't write them off completely, they're still a team to be afraid of, and I still see them making the playoffs, even if they lost Briere AND Drury.

Oh and Ghost, I say you go around town posting that Briere-Drury fight post and shoving it all in their faces! :D

Katy said...

Hahaha yeah I know what it feels like to have your team's playoff chances float away in the last week of the season. Oh well....I am just glad our GM is using his senses and not making huge changes, like Buffalo seems to be doing

I do feel bad that Reiger is making the entire franchise look bad. Perhaps that's something that the Sabres should look into changing?

The Ghost said...

Unfortunately, the more and more I think about this the more it points to Quinn. He was right in the middle of the Hasek/Muckler/Nolan fiasco and he is involved here again.

The guy is an enigma. he gets things done, but there is always a little cloud of mystery aro8und him.

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