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20 July 2007

Peca Wants Buffalo But......

According to the Buffalo News article today Buffalo doesn't want him. Don Meehan says he called Darcy to indicate Peca's desire to play in Buffalo. He said Regier indicated to him that they weren't interested and were going to keep the team building in-house. Oddly, Regier denies speaking to Meehan about Peca (here we go again?).

On the surface it seems like a good move for the Sabres. Peca would definitely help fill the hole left by Chris Drury. This could simply be a situation were Regier feels that Peca is done and just isn't good enough. If that is the case, so be it. If he still can play I think it would be a great move to help heal some of the wounds incurred in recent weeks by the Sabres' (mis?)-management.

Interestingly, yesterday in a post on the Billszone Sabres' message board poster Coach Sal (via poster Dr. Lecter). Coach Sal states that Regier is still upset with Peca and wouldn't sign him unless there was an apology for statements and treat of Regier by Peca during the dispute many years ago. Apparently money isn't a problem. Furthermore, he reports a sit-down with Sabres management over coffee. Whether or not Peca apologized is not clear.

So that raises the question. Is this a case where Peca isn't good enough or one where Regier is holding grudge? I hope it isn't the latter. Personal feelings need to exorcised from Sabres' negotiations and the right thing needs to be done. Hopefully any decision to sign or not sign Peca is a true hockey decision. The Sabres and their fans deserve that.

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Bleu, Blanc et Rouge blog said...

Right now, Regier should try and get anyone he could, even if it's a declining Peca.

I'm starting to disagree with many of his tactics as a GM, I don't get why he's not dead yet...he lost both Briere AND Drury and has done ZERO to compensate for their losses.

I'm sure Peca is better than ZERO, don't you?

The Ghost said...

Unless they believe he is totally physically spent I think he would be a great signing. He fills that third line center role nicely and brings a physical presence with his hitting. It is that edge that was missing last year.

I think the biggest reason he isn't gone is that they re-upped him for 2 years just prior to the Drury-Briere debacle.

Maybe Regier is right, but this seems like a no-brainer to me.

Anonymous said...

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The Ghost said...

wooohooo we must be gettin big, we are getting spammed with porn. wooohoooooooo

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...


I'll leave one of them there just to validate your comment!

actually, we are, our average of views per day is EIGHT times higher than during the regular season.

We now average between 600 and 1 400 views per day!

Sadly, no posts from me this weekend, too busy reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! :D

Katie said...

I don't think bringing back Captain Crunch would be such a bad thing. Nice blog anyway!? This is your sister and Rick is still a confused Flyers fan.

The Ghost said...

Nice, tell Rick to come to Jesus and convert to Sabrism. Darcy Regier can the "teach" Rick why paying Briere 6.5 for 8 years is a bad idea.

Clarke Macarthur is better anyways ...right?


Say hello to my sister Katie who lives in that pit of hell known as Philly!!

Actually i love the city, i just hate the damned hockey team. I wish Bobby Clarke would come back to screw Philly up.

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