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25 July 2007

Murray Proves his Worth

Everyone knows Bryan Murray is an excellent GM as he has built many stanley cup contenders in the past, but when his time came with Ottawa at the beginning of the offseason, nothing really happened. Sens fans were waiting for a huge acquisition that could take us to the next step. They wanted something, anything, that could make the Senators look different next year.

The first two weeks of the offseason came and went with no transactions, and sens fans were left waiting. They felt annoyed, bored, surprised, but they still had a sense of anticipation that things would shape out. In the past week, things definitely have, as Murray shipped out the biggest under-performer in Schaefer, for a much grittier veteran who comes cheap in Shean Donovan. This move was great also financially, because then Murray had enough $$ to keep Emery and Schubert away from arbitration.

The contracts he gave out, I thought , were great and fit the players talent level. Hopefully Bryan will now be able to sign Kelly for a cheaper price than an arbitrator would award him. After all this, the sens have a great overall roster with no holes and suits them financially. Thank you Mr. Murray.

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