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08 July 2007

Another New Guy!

After seeing this blog in action during the free agent frenzy, I was very impressed! Impressed to the point where I figured it would be fun for me to contribute to this blog, and share my passion for hockey, more specifically for the Habs! When you see a post coming from my end, expect it to be Habs related. I plan on attending at least 3 to 4 games this year during the regular season. If I find any interesting news in our Montreal newspapers, or RDS sportscasts, I'll jump on the blog to keep you all updated!

Also, for all you fans out there that are more in touch with the rest of the league, I have a little piece of information for you that might be fun later on in the year. I went to school with Blackhawks forward Jonathan Toews when I was living in Winnipeg! I will during the year try to touch base with Jonathan and see if I can pull out comments from him as the season progresses, as it seems almost certain that he will be on the roster. I last saw him about a week before the 2006 draft where he was picked 3rd overall, so it might be tough to regain contact with him, but it will certainly be worth the try!

Finally, before signing off, I would like to thank BBR for adding me to this great team of bloggers! Seeing that I am starting journalism at the Université du Québec à Montréal this year, and that my dream is to make a career covering the Habs, I am thrilled to have this opportunity to discuss hockey with all of you!

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Bitchany said...

Welcome!! Glad to have you on board with us!!!!

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