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31 July 2007

Sens Lock Up Kelly

With one day to go until arbitration, the sens locked up Chris Kelly for one more year, 1.2 mil. Most people will look at his numbers and think- this guy isn't worth 1.2mil? Well, I agree his stats aren't that great, but the way to find his true value in the contract is watching him on the ice, and how hard he works.

I have always thought Kelly is one of the hardest workers on the team, and he is also so versatile. He is a full-timer on the PK, and when injuries occur, he can fill a spot on the scoring line and rack up the points. He is key to our organization since Schaefer is gone, and Donovan is unproven to us sens fans.

Even with the 1.2 contract handed out to Kelly, the sens still have cash to spend on that one final forward spot, then the forward depth chart would look like this-

(UFA)-Henessey- Donovan

Murray has 2-3 mill to spend on this UFA, so I hope whoever this person is makes an impact on something that we were missing in the cup final. That something is unknown to me- it could be grit, leadership, speed... ?

If unrestricted free agency is not an option, then Murray will have to look eagerly at the waiver wire during the pre-season. Who knows, there maybe a young forward who stands out in training camp and is good enough to make the team ( Foligno, Bois? )

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