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10 July 2007

Another Newbie

As a hockey fan living in America, it is nearly impossible to get any kind of hockey news or analysis in the mainstream media. How does ESPN have time to discuss the opening of NHL free agency, when they have to spend 15 minutes a night debating a fictional "tournament" that will shockingly conclude with Tiger Woods being named the most "Now" athlete? I don't even know what being the most "now" means, and I know that Tiger is going to win. But, clearly, this pointless exercise better serves sports fans than talking about actual sports news. And, as usual in the current American sports landscape, hockey fans are the ones who get squeezed. So, in the barren desert of mainstream hockey news, I stumbled upon this oasis of puck passion. So taken was I by the information and enthusiasm of the bloggers and readers of this site, during the opening week of free agency, that I decided to join in.

I will be weighing in with news and opinion on the NHL in general, but my specific interest is the New York Rangers. I know, I know, we are the Evil Empire of the NHL. The ones responsible for ruining the sport by driving salaries out of control and destroying small market franchises. Aside from dispelling those myths, I also hope to engage in spirited discussions about my beloved Broadway Blueshirts and the rest of the National Hockey League. And, along the way, maybe even make a few of you chuckle, intentionally, or otherwise.

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Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Welcome Norman!

It's about time we get a Rangers writer, good luck!

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