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17 July 2007

Cullen Back to Canes

According to TSN.

In a move that surprised absolutely nobody, the Carolina Hurricanes have re-acquired Matt Cullen from the New York Rangers for two stiffs and a 3rd round pick. Maybe the Rangers intend to get under the cap after all!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Cullen profess that he'd prefer to stay in NY?

Lies, damn lies!!! So, is this just a classic case of the hot girl dumping the nice guy after he dumped his original girlfriend? Or could it be that Cullen has been so thoroughly programmed with cliches like everybody else in the NHL that he honestly didn't believe he could be traded to a team that might actually want him?

4 fanatics have replied:

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Cullen belongs in Carolina, I just think he never really got over leaving them, even if he liked the Rangers, he won a damn cup with the Canes!

Wow, Andrew Hutchinson, what a pickup, sheesh.

Katy said...

I am so glad Matt is coming back this way! Unfortunately they traded my favorite player to get him, but I understand why.
I think the reason why Matt said he wanted to stay in NY was because if he had stayed after saying something like "I really want to back to NC" then it would have been a bit awkward for him, no?

Norman Rochefort said...

This deal wasn't about the talent the Rangers got back. They already have eight defensemen who will compete for six spots. This was about freeing up the cap space to make room for the arbitration awards expected to be received by Sean Avery and Marcel Hossa. I still wouldn't be shocked to see Paul Mara and his $3 million cap hit go, too, which will free up plenty of space to cover the bonus money earned during the season by Brendan Shanahan and leave the team some room under the cap.

I hate to see Cullen go, but as we detailed here last week, it was a necessary sacrifice.

I do find it interesting that some hockey fans seem far more obsessed with the Rangers cap situation than that of the Nashville Predators, who are still $2 million below the minimum payroll. What a disgrace.

DKerr said...

I thought Cullen played very well for the Rangers last year, especially against the Habs. In one respect, I'm happy to see him go back to Carolina, but he just might score against us for the Canes as well. They should have moved him out west!! He's agood player, I hope he does well in Carolina.

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