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27 July 2007

Rangers new jersey leaked?

Ok, I've had a habit of striking out in the past...twice to be exact, receiving fake Canadiens and Sharks jerseys by email and posting them on here, only to get incredible threatening hatred comments.
If this is not the real thing (though I'm betting it is this time) ignore it, you don't need to make it your life's priority to go around hating everyone who presents you with a fake jersey unknowingly on a blog which he does for fun in his spare time.

Here is the most recent gamble of mine: the New York Rangers new insignia and uniform style for next season (Special thanks to reader Matthew)

Away jersey:
(For a higher quality and better resolution version, click here)

Home jersey:
(For a higher quality and better resolution version, click here)

I really believe this is the real thing, and here are some points that lean into my favour:
1) It is a photograph, not an image or concept.
2) It was said the Original Six teams would be allowed to keep their horizontal stripes if they wanted to...observe the Blue, White and Red stripes.
3) Jersey authenticity can also be seen through the shape of the jersey, the NHL crest on the front, and the Canadian flag tag in the collar, meaning that the jersey was made in Canada (as always).
4)And for those of you who still doubt, there are no crappy cover-up Photshop attempts anywhere on these photos.

I think made my point...but one thing I cannot verify, is whether or not this jersey is one of many prototypes, a widely suggested theory for the New York Islanders new jersey photo found in the uniforms post as few stories below.

I also find it interesting how the RANGERS is aligned, diagonally...hmmm could be interesting; I wonder how many perfectionist fans will take to that.

Go ahead, and prove me wrong!


9 fanatics have replied:

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate the Rangers with every inch of my existence, I commend any NHL team that uses their existing jersey look on the new crap Reebok jersey plan this coming season. If this is what the NYR use, hats off to them. This wholesale "every team has new jerseys" idea is such crap. Cooperalls, hello. Same stupid move.

Anonymous said...

These are the new jerseys. The Rangers had these pictures up on their website for like an half hour or so, then they took thm down, with only the pre-order form for the new jerseys. i just thought i pass this along for everyone.


The Maniac said...

the jerseys dont look that much different....

where exactly did you here this?

Road Apples said...

a) not much different at all. nicely done.

b) why the f* does the NHL give "THE FABLED ORIGINAL SIX! ALL BOW DOWN!" special rules? Do they allow the Blackhawks special permission to continue sucking ass decade after decade, or do they just do that on their own?

Diagonal/wavy lines on a jersey are just wrong.

(i love talking crap about an unimportant thing like uniforms)


JD FLYGUY said...

I have to be honest... I don't know about how the RANGERS is "centered" on the front of the jersey. I tend to like things to be symmetric, but I'm also a perfectionist as well. Am I the only one bothered by it?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there will be a number on the right chest?

Dominic in Vancouver said...

I'm very glad to see some classic looking jerseys in the mix of these reebok edge jerseys. The Rangers and Bruins have designed excellent hockey jerseys for 2007-08. I'm sure the Leafs, Habs, Blackhawks and Red Wings will all stick to the plan.

(Toronto may be a bit off beat as they tend to change there classic blue and white with the maple leaf logo a bit every once in a while.)

The Canucks have a new jersey on the way as well. It is apparently a melding of the whale logo and the vintage hockey stick and rink jersey. The whale logo is the logo for the new jersey and the colours will be blue, green and white.

I hope the stripings do not go over board and that the Canucks choose classic styling & be the team that has been in the NHL for 37 years. Not whacked out on crazy jersey styling like a team that has a fan base of 10,000 and has only been in the league since the nineties.

Third jerseys will be back in the NHL in 2008-09, I would imagine, but for 2007-08 the teams will only have two jerseys. (Home colour and away white!) Thnaks for posting thse Rangers uniforms. They look very sharp and do not look like these edge jerseys in the slightest. Good to see.

Anonymous said...

isn't the jersey supposed to stretch?
so the letters diagonally will then be some what centered...right?? said...

i agree, these are the new jerseys, still odd they haven't released image s of them or set a formal unveiling date.

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