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31 July 2007

Around the NHL...31/07

In NY Glen Sather has played the Sean Avery arbitration case to I am sure you have heard by now Glen Sather presented the argument that in addition to being a solid player for the Rangers, Avery can also be a "detriment to the team", as well as being "Immature" at throwing him under the bus he has put Avery in a lose lose situation for himself and a win win situation for team....Avery's past is all to blame for Sather going this route......if Avery goes on tilt during this season and starts causing problems Sather has the, "I told you so" line ready to go......If Avery tries to prove Sather wrong and plays hard, Sather gets a guy who goes out on to the ice and tries his best to produce the same way he did when he got here last year, hence Sather gets bang for his buck, who cares if Avery hits UFA market after that.......

In Florida Stephen Weiss and the Panthers are far apart on a contract is believed that Weiss is seeking 3.25 mill per year, coming off a career high 48 pt season...... In each of his last 4 seasons Weiss has avg'd 60 games played per........24 years old, history of injuries and one 20 goal season asking 3.25 mill per? Sorry Stephen......

As for the Dustin Penner situation, Burke needs to make a decision today on whether or not he matches Lowe's offer sheet to Penner.......I believe he matches the deal because I think he knows Niedermayer is not coming back to Anaheim this year which will free up 7 mill to sign Penner. Anaheim is currently at 48 million dollars cap wise, if Niedermayer retires that will bring the cap number back down to 41 million, leaving almost 10 million to match Penner's offer, and still sign 3 players to fill out roster.......if he matches offer and Niedermayer DOES come back then that will put Anaheim at appx 52 million leaving Burke with some work to do to get them back under for Burke calling Lowe, "Gutless", I have to disagree. Lowe is doing nothing illegal what's so ever and Burke claims that Lowe should have at least called him to give him a heads up, why? This is a business, and that's how things go. Get over it. You are Stanley Cup Champs which puts a bullseye on your back in more ways then one.

Michael Ryder who got a one year deal from Bob Gainey worth 2.95, in alot of people's eyes means he is a goner after this season. No problem. I believe Guy Latandresse can easily do Ryders job , if not better after this season. And with the very good talent coming up from Hamilton over the next year or two to plug some holes, Ryders one dimensional aspect of the game will not be missed......I agree with many when they call Ryder breakaway speed, can not play defense as a forward what's so ever......believe me , he won't be as missed as you think he will be.......

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