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19 July 2007

Say that again...Coyotes sign...David Aebischer?!

Usually I will think of a logical solution for every team's UFA signing, but sorry folks, certainly not this time around!

The Coyotes today picked up former Canadiens goaltender David Aebischer off the free-agent front, signing the "crappy" Swiss goalie to a 1-year contract worth a thrifty $600,000

You read the vulgarity right, and Habs fans know that all too well.

I don't understand why a goalie like David Aebsicher would be of logical interest to any general manager in the game at this point in his career.

Surely the 'Yotes could've done better than a 3.57 GAA and a .885 SPCT after the all-star break.
This is the same goaltender who was expected to be a decent 1B goalie and step up when needed.

Well, he was needed, in late February, Montreal starter Cristobal Huet suffered a pulled hamstring and would be out an entire two months, thus making Aebischer the undisputed no.1 goalie during his absence.
So how did this all turn out for our good friend?

Well, he didn't step up like the team needed him to you guessed it, he sucked.
He sucked so bad, that my blood pressure would rise every single time a crappy goal would go in.

At one point, the scouting report opposing teams had on Aebischer was simple...shoot anywhere and you will score.
The team ultimately missed the playoffs and one could argue Aebischer's horrible play in the second half was the main reason.
Even in his backup role down in Hamilton, Bulldogs' goaltender Yann Danis could've performed a hell of a lot better than the Swiss stopper.

I just don't get what was the problem with bringing up Cornell University star David LeNeveu from down in San Antonio?

Exactly, nothing, useless signing, wasted money.

And David isn't too bright either, accepting a backup/1B role on a shaky NHL team with his reputation as a stopper at an all time low while he could've easily signed on with a European team and earned a better living as a no.1 goalie.

This is Aebischer's last good chance to prove he has something left, as he'll likely battle for the starter's role with Swede Mikael Tellqvist.
In 2006, Canadiens GM Bob Gainey pulled off a shocker, dumping the struggling and the troubled Jose Theodore to the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for David Aebischer.

Despite his poor numbers with Montreal, Gainey swung a deal that is still being hailed as a steal in the Canadiens' favour, as Habs fans happily watch the miserable Jose Theodore ride the pine at an expensive $6.5 million down in Colorado.

And to this day, I am grateful for this deal, so long Abby, you will not be missed!


9 fanatics have replied:

The Ghost said...

Actually, Aebischer, flying under the radar in Phoenix might resurrect himself.

Anonymous said...

He probably will, but he's right, it's his last chance to redeem himself.

I was never a big fan of Abby either.

Mike Thompson said...

Let's be honest, the Habs could have gotten syphilis in the Theo trade, and it would have still gone down as one of the most one-sided (for the Habs) trades in the last decade.

Can't we agree to never talk of this again?

I agree with the LeNevue stuff too. I figured he and Telqvist would battle for #1 this year, instead they brought in a stiff like Aebby. He's a shell of his former self, I don't know what happened to his game.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

No problem Mike, I don't mention it often either, so dont't worrry about it!

A stiff like Aebby is right, he's so going to block LeNeveu's path to the NHL.
I hate it when GM's don't use their heads at all...

This new GM's not looking any better than Mike Barnett for the Yotes, Mike York and David Aebischer being his prize FA acquisitions...

Abby? He was great a few years back, and then everything went downhill for him...his money, his starting job, his reputation and his game.

The Ghost said...

I didn't think about the Lenevue angle.

That does make it curious. Maybe this guy views Telqvist and Lenevue as Barnett era mistakes. I suppose that if Aebischer fails they can chalk it up to a roll of the dice that fails.

A one way ticket out of the game is great motivation. Plus maybe Aebischer just folded under the pressure in Mont.

Plus Huet and Halak and Price are simply just better.I'm sure he knew it too.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I know the Habs won't miss Abby. He had the worst season of his career, followed by riding the pine at Worlds. The guy has nowhere else to go but up. I'd like to see him redeem himself in Phoenix.

Yeah, he could've made more money playing in Europe, but he said all along that he wanted to stay in the NHL. It seems the cut in pay must be worth it to him in order to do just that. I wish him luck.

Tracy said...

Wow. Way to make me feel more fabulous about our situation. Haha! I must say, though, that I refuse to judge him now. He's had shit years for other teams but it's not like we're getting even a margin of the attention that any other team got so I'm holding to the thread of hope that he can get his legs under him here and be all the better for it.

Aaron said...

Aebischer was bad, but Huet should be traded as well. With Huet, it will be another hum-drum season of inconsistency.

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

No way dude, Huet?

Has everyone forgotten how great he can be? :(

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