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10 July 2007

New Senators logo leaked by official website

Don't fret Sens fans, it's not a bad change or even a big change at all for that matter.

The Senators' official website leaked the team's new alternate road logo for next season through an advertisement banner.

Observe the difference between the current Senators logo and their newly tweaked one:



But hey, in my mind, I bet you Ottawa's team of designers should target their current primary logo, which looks ridiculously like the Trojan brand of condoms, I guess they want to distance themselves from it as much as they can, and this new logo of theirs does just that.

I personally like it, but forget about what I think, what do you all think about it?


5 fanatics have replied:

Mike Thompson said...

I've always had a strong dislike for that secondary logo. It looks like a beheaded roman soldier. The newly 'tweaked' one isn't much better, but it is better.

Sherry said...

You know what, I actually love the old classic logo that looks like the Trojan Condom logo because it just seems more classy. And the whole condom thing was the furthest from my mind. It just looks a little bit more classic and less cartoon-y.

That being said, I actually quite dig the tweaked logo. The change isn't big but I think it looks less silly.

Anonymous said...

This possible new logo looks very silly, as does Ottawa's current secondary logo which always has looked lame(along with the red home jersey) . Ottawa should stick with the logo on the road whites. That's the classic Ottawa look. Sharp!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the current Sens logo and I don't think it looks at all like the Trojan condoms logo. But I don't understand what all that extra crap on the logo is for. It seems redundant. And I think this new logo is an improvement over the alternate logo.

Anonymous said...

The logo is not horrible, but the primary logo is way better. Condom, shmondom. It looks more...I dunno...fierce. The new one looks like a cartoon.

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