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11 July 2007

Habs 07-08 Payroll

From what I gathered on the NHLPA website, The payroll will be of 37.975M for the players Montreal currently has under contract:

Defense (16.975M) :
Markov - 5.75M
Hamrlik - 5.5M
Bouillon - 1.875M
Dandenault - 1.750M
Komisarek - 1.5M
Streit - 0.6M

Offense (17.75M):
Koivu - 4.75M
Kovalev - 4.5M
Smolinski - 2M
Higgins - 1.5M
Plekanec - 1.4M
Begin - 1.225M
Kostopoulos - 0.9M
Latendresse - 0.85M
Murray - 0.625M

Goalies (3.25M) :
Huet - 2.75M
Halak - 0.5M

Gorges and Ryder who are still unsigned are according to BBeR going to receive around 4M combined. This leads to a total of approximately 42M.

According to, buying out Cullimore and Salmelainen will cost 0.89M towards our payroll. If this information is correct, our total is now of 43M.

The current payroll numbers provided by the NHLPA however does not take for account the fact that a team generally keeps 23 players.

If Gainey is done signing, expect three more players to be added to the team. Assuming they are receiving something between the league minimum of 0.45M and 1M each), this now brings our total to around 44M-47M, which is 3M to 6M below the 50.3M cap! Is Gainey leaving himself room to trade for a player once the season has begun? Better yet, will he be announcing a trade in the upcoming days? Only time will tell!

Corrections to this post were made on July 11th.

3 fanatics have replied:

spag said...

Here is a good site for team salary info:

peter s said...

habs payroll
missing from your payroll list are : KOSTITSYN 612K, LAPIERRE 563K, LATHI APPX. 1 MILLION, AND RIVERS APPX 700K (if rivers does not make team it will be o'bourne at 450k).....and I am almost positive the habs have also decided to buy out salmalainen's contract from samsonov trade......

with the above mentioned plus ryder and gorges the payroll will be appx 46 million and change...

higgins 1.5 koivu 4.75 ryder appx 3.5

latandresse 850k plekanec 1.4 kovalev 4.5

lathi 1 smolinski 2 kostitsyn 612k

lapierre 563k chipchura 450k begin 1.22

(extra forwards are kostopoulos 900k, I don't think murray makes team....either him or kostopoulos go to bulldogs....)


hamrlik 5.5 markov 5.75

bouillon 1.88 dandenault 1.75

komi 1.5 streit 600k

o bourne 450k gorges 700k


huet 2.75
halak 450k

total amount buyouts will count vs cap.........appx 866K


Pierre Ste-Marie said...

Assuming you have the correct linup, the payroll you have projected is in fact dead on. However, We all know that the composition of the third and fourth line is not fixed, and will vary all year. This will mean our payroll will fluctuate from what I projected as being the lowest we could have, 44M, and what you're projecting which is a little over 46M. This leaves Gainey with a decent cushion of about 4-6M depending on who actually makes the team.

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