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15 July 2007

Columbus Blue Jackets "Frenzy"

The Blue Jackets are pretty much done with our Free Agent Frenzy and unless you are a Blue Jackets fan you probably don't know what happened or what we got. We didn't sign a Scott Gomez or a Daniel Briere, we didn't sign a Sheldon Souray, or really any BIG name Free Agents. But, we did sign some guys who apparently are perfect for our organization.

First thing we did was sign Sheldon Brookbank the best defenseman in the AHL. We signed him with the hope of him stepping up and being able to compete at the NHL level now maybe not put up the same numbers but for sure help. We also signed Jiri Novotny, a first round draft pick of the Buffalo Sabres. Novotny is a center who tends to be lazy (luckily we have one of the best coaches in the League to get through to these guys except Zherdev who is just a moron) but we are hoping he will be able to contribute. Our second line center position is up for grabs so time will only tell who will be feeding the puck to Modin. We then signed Jan Hejda, who is expected to be one of our top 4 defenseman. I have heard nothing but good things about him, and can't wait to see him in the ice.

Thinking about who we lost the only name that pops in my head is Anders Erikkson, who is a great defender and on a team like Columbus had a plus/minus of +12. Pretty impressive!! While I will miss seeing him on the ice, I am really happy that he signed in Calgary and I wish him the best of luck.

Rumors have been FLYING that the Blue Jackets are looking for a legitimate #1 goaltender either via trade or Unrestriced Free Agency. That is simply not true. And, trust me, I wish it was true. I have been saying all along that Leclaire is too injury prone. I absolutely adore Norrena but to be successful you need 2 capable goaltenders.

"Until you establish yourself as a bona fide No. 1 goaltender, there are going to be questions," Howson said. "Pascal hasn't done that yet."
However, I do plan on going into this season with faith in Leclaire. I hope he shows everybody that he's not a band-aid and can split the time with Norrena. Leclaire is working out 6 days a week back home in Montreal. I really hope he steps up. He is set to be a Restricted Free Agent on July 1, 2008.

The Jackets have also signed Dan Smith and Derek MacKenzie to two-way contracts. They are likely to be spending most of their time with the Syracuse Crunch. Also, Howson has said that we are in the market for a goaltender to go in and back up Tomas Popperle, it will not be anyone with NHL experience though.

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2 fanatics have replied:

JD FLYGUY said...

I have a feeling that things are going to turn around quick for your club. When Hitch was in Philly, he did wonders for our team to turn them into a unit and not just a bunch of individual players jumping around the ice. If there is one thing he can do, it's bring a team together. Now, that is a dangerous weapon. Whether you have top end talent or not (you do btw with Nash, Fedorov, Foote, etc), a team united will tear a team apart that is not. Nonetheless, I think you'll have a good year next year. I wouldn't worry too much about Novotny - I think all he needs is a swift kick in the pants. He's a great player somewhere in there...

Bitchany said...

Yeah, I have faith in my boys and Howson and Hitch I know they will turn it around.

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