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28 July 2007

Is Brisebois on his way back?

According to RDS, Bob Gainey has sent an offer to Brisebois. A one year deal for 700 000. Brisebois is said to be considering this option.

After having calculated the payroll for the Canadiens, we can agree that they surely have the cap space to acquire Brisebois, but is this a good idea? He was literally booed out of the Bell centre, and let's face it, he didn't have a great year last year in Colorado. Maybe a return with the Habs at an affordable salary will calm the fans down somewhat. This rumour will either die down rather quickly, or a deal will be announced within a couple days. Keep in tune for more developments!

5 fanatics have replied:

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

I guess he's better than Jamie Rivers.

But,uhhh, come on man.

Layne said...

He'd be a much better 5-6 defenceman now than he was as a 1-2 then and that should make all the difference...he'd be opposite the 3rd and 4th line vs the 1st line all the time.

Pierre Ste-Marie said...

Maybe a return of the sort will have much less pressure on him. He would have to be told to carry only his own weight and forget about everyone else on the ice. Play his game and be solid on defense. I am asking a lot but hey, why can't we dream?!

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge said...

Because we're Habs fans Pierre, and it seems all our dreams end up elsewhere (namely star players) :(

FanToTheBone said...

I'd rather use any of the rookies than the Breezer ...
This guys shouldn't have been a top 4 defencemen in any team, PERIOD.

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