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08 July 2007

Sacrebleu! Lindsay Lohan gives her couties to the Cup...

What in Gretzky's name is this no-good Hollywood drugged and overpartied little princess doing in the sacred vicinity of our Holy Grail?!

"OK Lindsay, smile for the cameras."

"Uggh, how soon till I can get a manicure? I just touched this *eew* shiny lump of metal."

I bet you can now tell I'm not so high on little Ms. Lohan.

Haha, good morning.


4 fanatics have replied:

Katy said...

Yuck. Hopefully they gave it a good scrubdown with some anti-bacterial soap after that.

Bitchany said...


Pierre Ste-Marie said...

Im sure that famous cup tender whose name i forgot scrubs it on the hour all year round! If not, hopefully it was the fake cup!

The Ghost said...

That is what antibiotics are for...

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